Tyga--See Saturday
Tyga--See Saturday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Friday, October 25

Tav Falco's Panther Burns Alex's Bar Something wild and even a little spooky is coming to Alex's Bar, and he comes bearing gifts of lo-fi blues-infused rockabilly. Tav Falco's Panther Burns is one the of original rhythm shakers of the late 1970s rockabilly revival, with members hailing from Memphis to New York and instilling a Hasil Adkins-esque swagger to his rock n' roll songbook. Falco, a fellow Cramps lover will most likely revitalize your faith in sleazy R&B from days of yore, attaching any and every one of his rock, punk, and garage influences along in his music. Tonight's lineup features Death Hymn Number 9, The Green Machines, and Thee Unreels. (Aimee Murillo)

William Shatner The Coach House How William Shatner made the transition from ultimate sci-fi idol to cult poet/musician is a mystery the universe may never solve. But for those who desire to explore uncharted (and maybe even a little weird) new territories, head to the Coach House this Friday night for an event only Shatner could pull off. He performs his new album, Ponder the Mystery, comprised entirely of original material, backed by prog band Circa (featuring former members of Yes, including album co-writer Billy Sherwood). Shatner's uniquely rhythmic speech makes him a natural for the art of spoken word--and even now, at 82 years old (what?!), he finds new ways to perform. Don't miss this show, his only Orange County appearance, scheduled for stardate 91421.44. (Erin DeWitt)

Ramon Ayala The Observatory It's Ramon Ayala's 50th anniversary performing, but he's not some moldy oldies act wheezing through tours for some godforsaken reason--Ayala is probably more vital now than ever, especially given his music will have the Observatory swaying like no other act in its history. At the very least, Ayala is more beloved than any of his regional Mexican peers, as he's the one most like our dads: not cartoonishly macho like Vicente Fernández, but proud of who he is: eternally wearing a mustache, tejana, and the most fabulous Mexi-mullet of all time. (Gustavo Arellano)

Saturday, October 26

Tyga The Observatory If you've ever seen a Tyga video, then you know how much the tatted-up, 23 year-old Compton rapper appreciates costumes and role play. Merging twerk-happy club tunes with the cinematic qualities of hip-hop videos of old, it's easy to see how his live show can turn into just as much of a spectacle. And it definitely will be, considering he's turning his show at the Observatory into a costume party where zombie pimps, slutty animals/devils/whatever and other Rack City renegades are sure to abound. This show is destined to be the most turnt up spot in Santa Ana this Saturday night. (Nate Jackson)

Sunday, October 27

Halloween Covers Night Alex's Bar It's that most wonderful time of the year--Halloween, when awesome bands pretend to be other awesome bands and you can finally drink beers and sing along to songs that you'd otherwise need a time machine to enjoy live. This year, South Bay indie stalwart Otik Records tapped six local bands to transform into four punk/pop/bubblegum legends--well, five, if you count the way Thee Cormans and the South Bay Surfers team up for a two-headed cover band doing crucial Texan punkers the Dicks and the Big Boys. Icky and the Splooges were already ready for a Stooges cover band, while Feral Kizzy is going Patti Smith and a Bombon/87s team-up is taking over Josie and the Pussycats! The show is free if you come in costume--that's the spirit, right? (And who dares assemble the Roky Erickson and the Aliens cover band? Who dares?!) (Chris Ziegler)

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