Well Hung Heart--See Saturday
Well Hung Heart--See Saturday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

Friday, March 29

Burger Records

Self-proclaimed "industrial grungegaze" trio DSTVV have been garnering attention in the indie music blog circuit with only a handful of songs that permeate through your ear canals with their lo-fi vocals, fuzzy guitar and distorted synthesizer. Hailing from San Francisco, DSTVV bring a sound that is reminiscent of '90s alternative noise rock combined with the lo-fi pop stylings of recent years. Their EP 'Molly Soda,' (featuring the spritely vocals of Keel Her) named after a cult Tumblr-famous celebrity, probably best demonstrates this, but the fun favorite of the day has to be their Young Marble Giants cover of "N.I.T.A." Member Joel Cusumano is also pretty Tumblr famous, (his "award-winning" blog blameaspartame is uproarious) having utilized the same primitive '90s vector art and teen culture from his blog into the visual aesthetic of DSTVV. Recently they've been popping up at the 2013 Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco and various clubs in Los Angeles as part of their Spring Breakers tour. Get into the Bay Area-Orange County connection with this idiosyncratic group alongside Useless Eaters, Snow White and Froth at Burger Records. (Aimee Murillo)

Saturday, March 30

Frank Ruffino Benefit Concert
The Observatory

Frank Ruffino, the guitarist for China White, is in serious trouble. Recently released from the hospital after months in intensive care, the Huntington Beach axeman braces for a miracle as he battles cirrhosis and liver cancer. This weekend, some major forces in OC punk--including the original members of China White--gather for a benefit show to raise funds for Ruffino's liver transplant. The concert's eight-band lineup includes old-school legends such as the Stitches, Cadillac Tramps and the original members of China White, who have been rehearsing diligently to get back into shape, at least enough to play a few hits off of 1981's Dangerzone! EP. Longtime friend and former band mate Mike Drake will fill in on guitar for Ruffino. (Nate Jackson)

Well Hung Heart CD Release Party
Detroit Bar 

Endowed with some of the finest stripped down rock chops we've seen in recent memory, Well Hung Heart's Greta Valenti and Robin Davey started their two-person project with the help of a little YouTube connection. It's not often you see a potential band member on an online video and decide you have to have them, which is pretty much how they met. Anyway, we're glad they did--especially when you consider the explosive chemistry that created power chord free-for-alls like "Devil" and "I Can't Dance." This weekend, they celebrate the release of their debut, self-titled album by taking the stage at Detroit Bar along with Bella Novella and This Time With Feeling. (Nate Jackson)

The Devious Means
Constellation Room

This OC indie-rock quintet have been accumulating a ton of press and a strong fan with their second EP, "Songs We All Are Singing," since it was released last March. The vocal duo of Rachel Anderson (keyboards) and Christopher Farris (vocals and guitar) have derided comparison to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. There music is danceable, almost a hint of the '80s, and they echo The Killers, The Lumineers. See them this weekend with The Lonely Wild and Future Fix. (Joseph Lapin)

Sunday, March 31

Alex's Bar

Country music today has more or less shifted away from the imagery of the singing cowboy, opting instead for line dancing and barbecue stains on white t-shirts. However, Speedbuggy is the exception to the rule. Carrying with them an appreciation for legends like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, Speedbuggy combine Western Country flavor with the uptempo energy of punk, bridging the gap between both worlds together into a surprisingly good time. Frontman Timbo croons like Hank Williams in "Rusted Cars," while singing melodically for "Close Down" and "Shadow On The Grave"; however "Engine #9" and "Truck Drivin Man" are raucous jams that leave even the audience gasping for breath. Poised to take the rest of the US and Europe by storm while recording a new album, Speedbuggy make a stop at Alex's Bar with Dash Rip Rock. (Aimee Murillo)

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