Max and the Moon--See Friday
Max and the Moon--See Friday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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The Grand Finale Detroit Bar Patrons of the beloved Detroit Bar will want to come bid a teary goodbye at tonight's final show before it closes its doors for good. And with a lineup that includes DJs Josh One, Hyder and House Shoes, you know this OC venue is gonna go out with a bang. Blu and Exile, Dag Savage, Denmark Vessey and Scud One are all scheduled to appear, as well as artist Dump La Roc providing the live art. So bring your fellow cronies and relive some good times with chill ambiance, hip hop and cold drinks for one last time. Thanks for the memories, Detroit Bar! (Aimee Murillo)

Max and the Moon The Constellation Room Celebrating the just-confirmed gig touring alongside the Colourist for their West Coast tour, LA-by-Chino-Hills indie pop group Max and the Moon have a lot to be excited about--including the EP release show for their new work Crazy (itunes link here), held tonight at Santa Ana's Constellation Room, presented by KROQ. With a grinding tour ethic and an ever-growing fanbase, Max and the Moon found some deep waters to tread among the all-too-shallow pool of pop-influenced indie music. There's nothing dark here; the group's sound sparkles with catchy hooks, shining vocals and twinkling piano--a cheerful and perfectly fitting musical representation of the endless summer of Southern California. (Erin DeWitt)

Saturday, March 1

The Wailers: 30th Anniversary of a Legend House of Blues Anaheim If there's any one reggae album in any given music collection, it's probably Bob Marley and the Wailers' Legend--the singles-and-etc. compilation that's evidently the biggest seller the genre ever saw. And that means if there's one reggae band that's managed to put a song inside your head, it's gonna be the Wailers, even if all you've heard by them is the clip of "Jamming" on that one Simpsons episode. Like the title promises, this stuff is quite simply legendary, and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Legend's release, the Wailers perform the complete album, which takes the concept of "greatest hits" to another possibly even greater level. So if there's only one reggae show you think you'll ever go to in your life, well, you get the point. (Chris Ziegler) Mason Jennings The Observatory Jennings achieves the nearly impossible task of creating music that would sound as at home on Jack Johnson's iPod (see "California" from his eponymous debut album) as it would on the Anthology of American Folk Music (see the kinda eerie yet poignant "Duluth" from Birds Flying Away), and he makes it all sound effortless as a coastal breeze. This is a show that both your hip aunt and the hot R.A. you're trying to make time with are sure to enjoy. This weekend, The King's Inn brings the Honolulu-born troubadour to the stage at the Observatory along with Rebecca Pidgeon and Reverend Baron along with a side stage at the Constellation Room with the equally impressive talent from reclusive folk singer Frank Fairfield, and local boys Moonsville Collective and Vinnie and the Hooligans. (Tom Child)

Sunday, March 2

Gentlemen's Dub Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe For nearly 20 years, Dr. Freelcoud's Record Shoppe has been a sanctuary for those seeking purely EDM refuge--the record store remains a mecca for all dance, trance, techno, house and dub-step on vinyl. Run by veteran vinyl DJ Ron D. Core and his lovely wife, Helen, Dr. Freelcoud's steadfastly supports the electronic music community, and this Sunday they host another music-packed fiesta at their Fountain Valley storefront. Starting at noon, Gentlemen's Dub features a rotating set of DJs spinning live tracks, raffle drawings, prize giveaways, massive discounts on signature vinyl records, and even some catered nosh to keep your blood sugar levels nice and high. It's an EDM-head's daydream come true. (Erin DeWitt)

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