The Expendables--See Friday
The Expendables--See Friday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Friday, March 7 The Cadillac Tramps The Observatory The Cadillac Tramps started in the mid-'80s with Gabby Gaborno (vocals) Brian Coakley (guitar/vocals), Johnny Wickersham (guitar/vocals), Warren Renfrow (bass) and Chris Lagerborg (drums). From the get-go, their nitty-gritty psychobilly sound had many critics writing them off as "drunk brawl room music." But to Gaborno, it was always about the rock & roll and having a good time, not the reckless, drunken violence they encountered during their days playing venues such as the Cuckoo's Nest. This weekend, they're honoring their longtime fans with a $5 show (sounds like '80s prices!) featuring Bombay Snakes, Simplex, The Grabbers and OC legends the Crowd. (Alex Distefano)

The Expendables and Seedless House of Blues Anaheim The Expendables have never been a one-trick pony in the reggae world. Even though their style has helped influence a generation of rasta-fied rock bands who love what they do, the Santa Cruz quartet are an unpredictable bunch that always has a new angle to take on the stoner, party reggae party vibe. Whether that means recording an acoustic album, or a split demo with themselves (one side full of metal versions of their songs, the other side, all reggae) this band is good enough to never live up to their name. They share their House of Blues bill this weekend with Stick Figures and local boys Seedless, who are ripe for a big hometown show after their recent U.S. tour and before the release of a brand new album. (Nate Jackson)

Saturday, March 8

OC Music Awards City National Grove of Anaheim It's all come down to this.After months worth of live band showcases, fan voting and anticipation, another OC Music Awards is upon us. Come out and see which bands and artists earned the stamp of supremacy this year long with a program full of great performances. (Nate Jackson) Club Thriller 10 Year Reunion Yost Theater While the '90s fashion comeback surges on with gusto, there is arguably no better decade to inspire ridiculous throwback-themed nightclubs than the '80s. Starting around the turn of the millennium, '80s clubs were on everyone's weekend lists, heading out to Hollywood clubs like Blue Mondays and Beat It. But Orange County held its own with the epic dance spot Club Thriller. Now celebrating a 10-year reunion at the Yost Theatre, they're bringing back all the neon tank-tops, unflattering hairstyles, and deliciously crazy eye makeup for one night. Come help them bid farewell to an era as the nostalgia club trend morphs into the '90s. Just think, in about 20 years, kids will go to clubs wearing jeggings and twerk to Pitbull. (Erin DeWitt)

Sunday, March 9

Chicano Batman The Continental Room LA's East-siders Chicano Batman consider themselves a band of superheroes--but not the fame-seeking comic book kind, rather they're a group of cosmic defenders for the working class. Their power is music, and into a rich combination of Latino culture and Afro roots, they mix cumbia, funk, rock, psych, a more than a dash of tropicalia. Catch one of the more unique bands of our area as they play their second night in a month-long residency at Fullerton's Continental Room--and also celebrate the release of sophomore album Cycles of Existential Rhyme. This week's show opens with support from special guests (and fellow eccentric Los Angelenos) Mothers of Gut and Slipping into Darkness. (Erin DeWitt)

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