Gizzelle (Wild Records $5 Show)--See Friday
Gizzelle (Wild Records $5 Show)--See Friday
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The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Monday, March 10

Mutoid Man The Constellation Room They named their record Helium Head after our fuckin' favorite-ever Sir Lord Baltimore song--you got an internet, look it up!--and they deliver their overcranked shreddery with the honor such a name demands. A trio featuring Cave In's Stephen Brodsky and Converge's Ben Koller, Mutoid Man is technical but absolutely raw--the ol' rusty chainsaw philosophy--and these six tracks speed along with Slayer-ian gusto and Motorhead-y nastiness. (Or perhaps the other way around?) The occasional vintage wah-pedal you hear is really just the sound of your mind bending, and that thing that sounds like a double-kick drum? Well, that's your heart trying to warn you to turn this down a little--but don't listen to it! (Chris Ziegler)

Tuesday, March 11

Kings The Constellation Room For those who just can't get enough dance beats in their indie rock, this concert is for you. Kings, who have taken the stage in various venues throughout OC are returning to the Constellation Room tonight with their pop-infused folk music. Supporting act Sonny Spectrum will additionally be supplying plenty of of disco beats and New Wave synth pop for you to really groove. Verdell's infectious indie rock will most likely move you with their chill vibes and sultry vocals. An eclectic evening of hip new music awaits you on this brisk Tuesday night.(Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, March 12 Tonic The Coach House At the height of the post-grunge, alt-rock movement of the mid-1990s, heavy guitar-driven bands with catchy hooks ruled the charts. While those sounds eventually gave way to electronic pop and hip-hop, inevitably, many of the '90s rock outfits fell by the wayside. However, the Los Angeles-based group Tonic soldiers on. Known for their relentless tour schedule, the band recently celebrated a twentieth anniversary (which includes a four-year break from 2004 through 2007) and still features the majority of their original members. With two Grammy nominations and a monster hit in "If You Could Only See" to their credit, the Tonic's place in pop culture history is set, even if they haven't replicated the commercial success of 1996's Lemon Parade--the band continues to tour behind their greatest hits, which for fans, is the perfect drink. (Daniel Kohn)

Thursday, March 13

Qui Alex's Bar After way too long, Qui is back, Qui has a new album, and Qui has resumed playing as the duo they started as, all of which means the world is finally balancing a bit more in the correct direction. (Although the Jesus Lizard's David Yow isn't singing with them now, he sure came up with some distinctive cover art.) And in 2014, Qui is into probably their most fascinating musical moment yet--yes, the sludge that they sludge so well is of course still bubbling and oozing, but their latest Life, Water, Living ... is shot through with all kinds of unpredictable Zappoid melodies and outré inspirations. (Maybe some Minutemen in there, maybe even some Mr. Bungle, too?) Some bands make albums, Qui makes mazes. They play tonight with Santa Ana's Half Goon, who smother their hooks in waves of AmRep-style noise. (Chris Ziegler)

Wild Records $5 Show The Observatory The savage rockabilly bands of Los Angeles' Wild Records don't make the rounds in local OC haunts as much as we'd like them to, but tonight they'll be more than making up for that with the Observatory's $5 show. Featuring two female-fronted bands The Rhythm Shakers and Gizzelle, and reckless quartet The Desperados, there's probably no better way for music lovers to spend their Friday night than bopping madly to these groups. With a nod of respect to older generations of rockabilly bands of yore, Wild Records has always boasted a more contemporary, alternative approach to the genre, with bands combining other styles like punk, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and soul, illuminating your ears with a more inspired and exhilarating blend of music. And for these groups, you can always count on their talent and electrifying performances to show you a real good time. (Erin DeWitt)

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