Betty Who--See Wednesday
Betty Who--See Wednesday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Monday, January 20

3 Doors Down (Acoustic Set) House of Blues Anaheim Back in 2000, 3 Doors Down flew out the gate with their first hit "Kryptonite," a song which then played on a seemingly-endless loop on every single rock radio station. Fast forward 14 years and not only is that track is still mildly popular, but the Mississippi-based outfit now has a solid number of hits in their catalogue. On their current month-long jaunt across the country, billed as Songs From the Basement, the band is playing acoustic sets at intimate venues. For a group many expected to fall by the wayside years ago, Brad Arnold and company have become one of the few rock groups big enough to tour on their own without an album to promote--a true testament to their staying power. (Daniel Kohn)

Mystic Braves The Constellation Room The exciting, sun-kissed guitar and lo-fi vocals of Echo Park's own Mystic Braves is undoubtedly reminiscent of mid-'60s fuzz predecessors The Seeds, but also bursting with youthful confidence like fellow garage rock contemporaries The Allah-Lahs. Formerly Blackfeet Braves, the quartet channel the look and feel of a '60s rock group, from the shaky Super 8 footage tricks in their music videos to the shaggy hair and patterned wardrobe. It's no wonder they'd be a hit here in SoCal, where we're absolutely spoiled with music groups reclaiming classic psychedelic-garage rock these days, most notably from the Lolipop or Burger records ilk. Tonight is the first in a three-week romance between Mystic Braves and the Constellation room where all are invited to twist and shout the night away like its 1969. (Aimee Murillo)

Tuesday, January 21

OC Music Awards Showcase, Night 3 Detroit Bar The OC Music Awards showcase rolls on through this week to a well-curated indie rock showcase featuring including Semi Sweet, Sonny Spectrum, Future Fix Midnight Hour and Gardner's Logic. On the line is a shot to advance to this year's finals at the Observatory on February 25 where only the best will compete for the title of OC's Best Live Band Award. Get out there and support local music! (Nate Jackson) Wednesday, January 22

The Lonely Wild Detroit Bar From out under the big desert sky comes LA's Lonely Wild, who apply Arcade Fire-ian pomp and Black Mountain-ian collective camaraderie to the landscapes of Cormac McCarthy and the attention to detail of Ennio Morricone, who could indicate the crackle of a campire with just the sparest hint of some outré percussive instrument. Recent album The Sun As it Comes is a soundtrack to a movie that exists mostly as lyrics and dissonant guitar across 12 tracks, starting with a sunrise and of course ending with what seems like the sun going back down over a hill. In between are haves, have nots, bad luck and Jim Thompson's reminder that it's always lightest just before the dark. ("There's a truth buried in the murder, and I wanna know," they sing.) In residency every Wednesday this month--this week they'll be playing alongside Yellow Red Sparks and the Gromble. (Chris Ziegler)

Betty Who The Constellation Room Named one of 2014's Artists to Watch by Time, Betty Who is a sparking chanteuse of '80s pop elation--and we can't keep our eyes off her. Infectiously upbeat, Who's musical style is surprisingly well-rounded and multi-layered for a 22-year old who just released her debut EP last year. The Australian singer/songwriter (who trained as a classical cellist since the tender age of four) moved to the States as a teen to attend the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts. But it was at the Berklee College of Music in Boston that Who met up with producer Peter Thomas that her career found its destined path. Buoyant, charismatic, beautiful--we'd call her a "pop princess" if that term wasn't so tainted. Catch her show this week at the Constellation Room to fall in love. (Erin DeWitt)

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