T-Pain--See Tuesday
T-Pain--See Tuesday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Tuesday, June 10

T-Pain The Observatory It's rare that a rapper is as well known for performing on other musicians's songs as he is his own. Yet T-Pain has managed to do exactly that. The Florida-based rapper is featured on tracks for everyone from Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly and Lil Wayne to The Lonely Island. In the process, he's cemented himself as this generation's Nate Dogg, as the go-to voice for hooks--just ask Flo Rida, whose 2007 hit "Low" sold more than six million units thanks to T-Pain's assistance. As for his solo material, he's is regarded as one of the first rappers to introduce auto-tune, and is armed with a hit-laden catalogue. With T-Pain putting the finishing touches on his fifth studio effort, Stoicville The Phoenix, don't be surprised when this latest album full of catchy beats and rhythmic pop anthems flies up the charts. (Daniel Kohn)

Wednesday, June 11

FEA Alex's Bar With Girl In A Coma singer Nina Diaz taking time to put together a solo record, bassist and drummer Jenn Alva and Phanie Diaz figured it was time to get ugly with a new band (naturally) called FEA, a four-piece (with singer Theresa Moher and guitarist Aaron Lee Magana) that puts the punk back in puncture wound. They're working on studio recordings now, but live captures of songs like "No Hablo Espanol" come off like the Bikini Kill, Blatz, the Dicks or even Fang. If there was ever a punk song that came out raw, slow and fucking pissed on some EP with a DIY Xeroxed cover, then FEA found it and built on it. Get ready for broken bottles if not broken ankles--FEA aren't fucking around! (Chris Ziegler)

Nola Shepard Harvelle's Harvelle's in Long Beach usually hosts a rowdy assortment of live music and burlesque--but tonight they switch gears slightly and present the angelic country-esque stylings of Nola Shepherd. The Seal Beach resident performs her song collection, The Nola Album, backed by a band of talented musicians: Jim Quealy, Jeremy Long, Kelly Fitzgerald, James Quintero and Frank Cotinola. The music scene of Long Beach is more a melting pot than we sometimes realize--it's not all hipster bands and raucous jazz, there's a softer side, too. One to always support local music, we definitely recommend you come out to see vocalist Nola Shepherd tonight and her truly lovely song-crafting. (Erin DeWitt)

Thursday, June 12

King Buzzo The Constellation Room If Buzz Osborne's solo debut, This Machine Kills Artists, sounds unlike any other acoustic record in existence, that's because it is. The 17-track album (released under Osborne's stage name, King Buzzo) incorporates a dark, brooding ambiance reminiscent of early Delta blues records blended with the sort of heavy riffs associated with Osborne's band the Melvins. That said, the disc isn't merely a drummer-less Melvins album because the material was written as a solo acoustic EP that soon grew into an LP. See him bring it to the stage this Thursday at the Constellation Room. (Ryan Ritchie)

Friday, June 13

Kiev House of Blues Anaheim Orange County's Kiev may be the most talented indie band in the land of citrus as well as outlying areas. Besides brandishing smoldering intensity on stage, they wield and unnatural talent with their respective instruments busting out hauntingly groovy art rock. Be sure to keep an eye on drummer Brandon Corn. You've probably never seen anyone play with so much finesse with their arms so awkwardly close to their body. Truly something to marvel at. Catch them Friday as part of a killer lineup of local darlings presented by Secret Chief, featuring Fellow Bohemian (EP Release Show), Max and the Moon, Mt. Ossa and the Gromble. (Brandon Ferguson)

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