Life Leone--See Tuesday
Life Leone--See Tuesday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Monday, February 3

Hindu Pirates The Constellation Room More big changes from Hindu Pirates, who seem like they've left behind the world of garage--even a garage can only hold so much stuff--and disciplined themselves into the kind of beautifully noisy guitar-pop band that generally comes from Britain or one of her colonies. (Guess that's America, too, though.) "She Blows Me Away" has one of those melodies you can't quite place (but it's probably got an ancestor in the C-for-Creation section of your record collection) and a nice surprise when the guitar leads twist into each other at the end, and "Like I'm Sinkin'" is a slow-mo nod-along that shows just how much these guys are learning in the little-means-a-lot school of production. If Pangea's signed to Harvest--former home of Syd Barrett and Wire--then surely Hindu Pirates will get a place there next. (Chris Ziegler)

Tuesday, February 4 Life Leone Detroit Bar Coming at ya this fine Tuesday is a full night of exceptional indie rock at one of OC's most loved watering holes. Life Leone's music curiously blends fuzz guitar with upbeat indie rock for a cool, grunge effect . Likewise, other acts tonight like Fellow Bohemian provide a fresh sound combining indie rock, folk, and pop elements to create a rich echo of reverb in your ears. Additional bands to enjoy tonight include The Autonomics and Thy Squid. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, February 5 Bellhaunts Proof Bar

Project Wednesdays at Proof Bar, the surprisingly swank little bar/lounge hybrid nestled in the heart of the Santa Ana Artists Village, is a rock interlude to an otherwise hip-hop and Top 40 work week. This Wednesday's session features local band Bellhaunts, who invite you to "come out and listen to our adult angst," better described as quick-paced, surf-tinted garage rock fronted by a beguilingly gritty wild woman vocalist. Sharing the bill is Grinning Ghosts, a honky tonk of OC-by-way-of-Memphis scuzz rock. Pair the two with a heavy-handed cocktail from the bar and you've got yourself an early start to a rocking' weekend. (Erin DeWitt) Thursday, February 6

Mad Caddies Constellation Room Let's dance! When you're listening to the frantic ska-punk of Mad Caddies, why not trip the light fantastic? The seven-piece set from Solvang have been kicking out the skank- worthy jams since 1995 and haven't quite slowed down, instead releasing five albums. And there's another album on the horizon later this year too; but tonight, have a ball as they play Constellation Room along with illScarlet. (Aimee Murillo)

Friday, February 7

Dune Rats Constellation Room The explosive pop of Brisbane's Dune Rats is quite the pick-me-up as it resonates in your ears and permeates blissfully through the inner workings of your brain. These titans of stoner pop aptly feature a hazy dance vibe that makes it so tempting to bop along to, whether you're listening to 'em on the sly through headphones or at a live show. Tonight you get the opportunity to fully freakout with these guys as they play Constellation Room. High times await you! (Aimee Murillo)

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