Demi Lovato--See Thursday
Demi Lovato--See Thursday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

Monday February 10 Fever the Ghost The Constellation room It is with heavy hearts and soggy livers that we preview the final Monday Night Residency at Detroit Bar. The Costa Mesa music institution closes this month (for an indefinite length of time, to be reopened as a gastropub with live music, so the rumor goes), and with it concludes a chapter of the local music scene's history. Honored to headline the final MNR is Fever the Ghost, an experimental rock outfit who just released their debut EP, Crab in Honey on LA label Complicated Game last month. A fitting farewell to the best local residency in OC (and a dependably decent Monday night excursion), Fever the Ghost is perfectly of-the-moment: intellectual, deep, beautifully androgynous, spastic and enigmatic. Looks like our Monday nights are limited to watching Real Housewives for the foreseeable future. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, February 11

Secret Chiefs 3 The Constellation Room Across all genres (and pretty much across time and space, too) come Secret Chiefs 3, the hallucinogenic brain child of Trey Spruance (of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle). Blending as many musical styles as their rotating cast of band members, Secret Chiefs 3 is an instrumental group that no category can hold. They combine aspects of Persian music with metal, Indian song with surf rock, Arabian melodies with electronica--and bubbling up through that wildly random gumbo of styles is actually some pretty great jam rock. With two new singles dangling to drop (and being pre-ordered now), the group tours along the West Coast this month, making a rare stop in Orange County. Prepare to have minds, ears and imaginations completely blown. (Erin DeWitt)

OCMA Live Showcase, Night 6 Tiki Bar This week, the OC Music Awards live showcase series celebrates on of our main sonic exports: white boy reggae. Before you scoff, just know that all of the bands on this bill are actually able to take this worn out genre sired by Sublime and advance it in some pretty appealing ways, from the metal-tinged soul of Solution to the ska-infused rude boy ethos of the Originalites. Add the musical prowess of Mikey Pouker, Katasaro and the Wheeland Brothers and you have yourself a talent pool used to performing at the highest level...see what we did there? (Nate Jackson) Wednesday, February 12

Jeremy Spencer Fingerprints Jeremy Spencer was the co-founder of Fleetwood Mac who could make his guitar do just about anything. But in 1971 after growing tensions, he left the Mac prior to an LA show and began his decades-long involvement with the religious sect the Children of God, a.k.a. the Family, a.k.a. a pathway to troubling Google search results. (Spencer even recorded a little-known but collectible album called Jeremy Spencer and the Children.) Intermittent solo work and plenty of world travel followed, with the 2012 release of his Bend In the Road inspiring a rare US tour--that was torpedoed after visa issues. But two years, one new album (called Coventry Blue) and one halfway-through Kickstarter later, he's ready to play the States, starting at Long Beach's Fingerprints. (Erin DeWitt)

Thursday, February 13 Demi Lovato Honda Center Though only 21, the pint-sized pop star has already dealt with the pressures of stardom. Bursting onto the scene as a Disney Channel starlet, Lovato captured the hearts of tweens everywhere before seamlessly transitioning into the world of music, with her first two albums landing at No. 2 and No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 respectively. After struggling with personal demons and a publicized meltdown, Lovato returned even stronger. Between two more albums, national tours, a return to the screen and a stint as a judge on The X-Factor, it's safe to say the Dallas-native conquered the personal strife that marred her late teens. Using a "girl empowerment" theme as the backdrop to her 41-date Neon Lights tour, Lovato has gone to hell and back, and come out a brave, talented young woman ready to handle the pressures of fame. (Daniel Kohn)

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