Bon Jovi--See Wednesday
Bon Jovi--See Wednesday
Chris Victorio

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Monday, October 7

Helloween City National Grove of Anaheim Credited as the forefathers of the power metal scene, German-based Helloween hits the Grove of Anaheim tonight--a few weeks early of their high holy day but here celebrating the season, nonetheless. In the '80s, Helloween released a pair of albums (Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1 and the subsequent Part 2) that pretty much made everyone's head explode in the most awesome way possible, cementing their place in metal history. Grounded by guitarist Michael Weikath and bassist Markus Grosskopf (the only two band members who've held on since the band's 1984 start to present day), Helloween's catalogue of more than a dozen studio albums is the seminal resource for Power Metal 101--catchy hooks and riffs around breakneck drums, unyielding guitars and clean, note-busting vocals. Though the early '90s saw some less-than-desirable album reviews, they rose from the depths and reclaimed their throne. Pick up this year's Straight Out of Hell and catch Helloween this Monday night for some true old school metal. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, October 8

Terminal A Constellation Room No less than a weirdly fascinating duo playing mechanical synth pop, Terminal A is an interesting band that can't be pegged into a simple description. Declaring their genre to be "rock n fucking roll," it can be confusing for the camp of rock fans who think rock n' roll is about guitar riffs and drum solos. But Terminal A provides haunting lyrics vocalized by passionate singing (read: yelling) against synthesizer beats and guitar with members Colin Peterson and Lee Busch outfitted in all black and leather jackets. So you can definitely surmise that there's a rock n' roll angle to Terminal A. Performing tonight at the Continental Room with BLOK and Enjoy. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, October 9

Bon Jovi Honda Center When it comes to sing-along '80s rock, it doesn't get better than Bon Jovi. Anthems like "Livin' On A Prayer" and "Dead Or Alive" continue to light up arenas--and car interiors--with lively enthusiasm. The New Jersey natives kicked off their worldwide "Because We Can" tour earlier in the year, but not without meeting adversity along the way. In April, guitarist Richie Sambora left the tour due to "personal reasons" and drummer Tico Torres required medical attention twice in September. So now, Canadian-born guitarist Phil X fills in for Sambora, while Rich Scannella picks up drumming duties until Torres resumes his role. Despite the unforeseen challenges the "Because We Can" tour encountered, front man Jon Bon Jovi plans to belt out his beloved hits this week at the Honda Center--and remind us all why we liked hair bands in the first place. (Heidi Darby)

Thursday, October 10

Hank III The Observatory There's always baggage that comes with being the child of a legend, including the endless shirking of comparisons from just about everyone who knows your last name and lineage. In theory, a tattooed, gravelly voiced Shelton Hank Williams III (a.k.a. Hank III) has particularly big shoes to fill. His grandfather truly was the king of his craft. But those who measure his grandfather's plaintive Alabama croon and immaculate white-brimmed hats against Hank III's gristly, moonshine brew of punk, country and metal are missing the point. He says if people take the time to listen to him on his own terms, they'll see he's not riding anyone's coattails. The shows are split into two parts: an hour and a half of roots music, hillbilly and the like, then a second half that gets "into some weirder stuff," with a more heavy-rock sound. This week, Hank III rides into the Observatory for a must-see two-night stint on Thursday and Friday.

Friday, October 11

The Goodfoot Alex's Bar For years, the second Friday of the month in Long Beach used to offer a treasured portal into a dark, blistering parallel universe permanently suspended somewhere around 1967. A bouncer took your $5 bill and welcomed you into a divey jungle full of sharp-dressed funk-o-philes--stiff drinks meshed with loose grooves and crowds pretended vinyl was the only sonic medium in existence. It was sweaty, it was loud, and it was glorious. Armed with stacks of Stax, Atlantic, Chess, Motown and more, DJs Dennis Owens and Rodi Delgadillo are bringing back the much loved monthly soul and funk club, the Good Foot for the second month in a row. After a two-year hiatus, it's time once again to get up on the get down. (Arrissia Owen)

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