Guttermouth--See Friday
Guttermouth--See Friday
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The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Tuesday, January 28

OC Music Awards Showcase, Night 4 The Slidebar What could be more appropriate for a Slidebar gig than a night full of heavy riffage from distorted guitars, sweat dripping frontmen and a mosh pit or two? This Tuesday, we head into the rock-centric fourth week of the OC Music Awards Live Showcases, featuring performances by City By Storm, Rebel Revive, The Last Gang, Beneath the Buried and Sederra. (Nate Jackson)

Wednesday, January 29

By now, most of us know how the story of Juicy J goes. After years of floating around and risking falling into a vacuum of irrelevancy, Juicy J saved his career from the brink of bar shows by tweaking and transforming his sound to evolve with age and usher in an era of drug-and-dance friendly hip-hop. Still riding high from last summer's release, Stay Trippy, the 36 Mafia member brings a parade of twerking followers to OC for a gig at the Observatory. Be prepared to sweat. (Patrick Montes)

Pink Honda Center After tirelessly zigzagging the world for the better part of last year, P!nk's The Truth About Love tour is finally at its conclusion. While opinions of the artist also known as Alecia Moore may vary, the one thing critics and fans both agree on is that the pure spectacle of this concert is beyond anything she's done to date. Between the elaborate vaudeville theme, high-flying theatrics, acrobatic stunts and a set that showcases her booming vocals, this tour marks the most ambitious chapter of the pop star's career. But all things must come to an end--don't miss the singer's performance at Honda Center. It could be an early contender for the best show of the year. (Daniel Kohn)

Thursday, January 30

California Lions started as a side project in 2011 for New Fidelity front man Dan Perkins, who's also the owner of vegan guitar-strap company Couch, and New Fidelity's producer Brad Gordon. The duo's supplemental songs didn't fit New Fidelity's mod, 1960s-influenced power pop, but were swooped up for TV shows such as MTV's Teen Mom and America's Got Talent. The California Lions' sound evolved into a modern take on northern soul. They play at Alex's Bar on Thursday with Fathers & Suns, Squarefish and Rainman. (Arrissia Owen)

Friday, January 31

Guttermouth The Observatory You probably wouldn't figure a band that sings songs about barbecues and fast food chicken restaurants to experience much longevity. But Orange County grown punk group Guttermouth sings about exactly those things and they've been doing it for more than 20 years. Go check out the hi octane punk group, famous for inviting fans to spit on them, and returning the favor with hilarious songs.

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