Baths--See Friday
Baths--See Friday

The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Monday, May 19

Devin the Dude The Observatory Referred to as "your favorite rapper's favorite rapper," Devin Copeland, also known as Devin the Dude, has remained a hidden gem in the hip-hop scene over the last few decades. He walks that tricky line between industry credibility and mega-stardom, and we think that's just the way he likes it. Since his famous 15-year relationship with Rap-A-Lot records came to an end back in 2008, he's released three albums and provided cameos on countless songs by other artists. His latest single, "Probably Should Have" off 2013's One for the Road, goes back to the slo-jamz side of things--catch his show tonight for a wide range of selections from his catalogue. Or, you can always watch the stoner comedy, Highway 420, in which Devin goes on a search for the country's greatest weed (it actually has a few funny moments, you know, if you're in the right state of mind). (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, May 20

Death Hymn Number 9 Residency Night 3 The Continental Room The explosive energy behind LA-based punk trio Girl Tears is on full display in their first full length album Tension, which exudes a mastery of loud and fast songs that last under a minute and explore interesting and emotional subject matter- from feelings of love and angst to tragic Warhol superstar Candy Darling. Not to be confused by name with female indie duo Girlpool, Girl Tears have been shaping the contemporary LA punk music scene since late 2013, and in such a short time have already aligned themselves with the Lolipop records guild, whose outpouring of artists have been nothing less than stellar. Tonight they play alongside fellow punks Death Hymn Number 9 for their weekly residency at The Continental Room with The Shrills and So. Cal Tennis Pros. Make the most out of life and go out and rage on a Tuesday night. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, May 21

Jenny Lewis The Observatory Jenny Lewis--do we still need to say "once of Rilo Kiley"?--comes and goes as she pleases, punctuating a six-year space since her last album with mostly just a single track for the TV show Girls and promises of more to come very soon. And if that Girls song, "Completely Not Me," didn't have her usual certain something, it'd be almost too hard to wait. But the longer Lewis takes to write a song, the better it usually comes out, with experience and honesty delivered so subtly they're almost hidden, until of course they jump out and bite you. So when we say we think that her best work is still ahead of her, take that as the compliment it is--and when that new album finally shows up, there will certainly be something there to surprise you. (Chris Ziegler) Thursday, May 22

Morrissey's 55th Unhappy Birthday House of Blues Anaheim After last week's very uncool fan attack on Morrissey in San Jose by a couple idiots who actually managed to break past security and knock the music idol down (and causing him to almost cancel his highly anticipated Observatory show), fans otherwise celebrating his 55th birthday might consider it a very unhappy one indeed--footage of the show is online and it's unsettling to say the least. Thank Smiths for the Sweet & Tender Hooligans, a tribute band dedicated to recreating Moz classics from his early years to recent stylings. Tonight, they honor to the birthday boy with live (and tremendously similar, tribute-style) songs like "Suedehead" and "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get." We hope Morrissey is recovering from the bruises (both physical and emotional) he suffered--but, hey, it's his birthday, he can cry if he wants to. (Erin DeWitt)

Friday, May 23

Baths The Observatory The music of Baths comes with many surprises. The LA-based artist Will Wiesenfeld first started piano at the young age of 4, and since has reinvented his sound from his first musical foray under the moniker [Post-Foetus]. Now the 21 year-old has converged early musical influences like Bjork with his previous experimentation with synthesizers to create an ambient sound, mixed with chillwave and indie electronic and every once in a while, soft vocals to tickle your ears. Come to the Constellation Room tonight to take a dip into the soft waters of Baths' trippy sounds. Appearing tonight with Young Fathers and P. Morris. (Aimee Murillo)

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