Honey Cocaine--See Tuesday
Honey Cocaine--See Tuesday

The Five Best Shows in OC This Week: Nov. 19-23

Monday, November 19

Enrique Bunbury 

Hailing from Spain, Enrique Bunbury, bursts with pop swarthiness. His name was lifted from an Oscar Wilde play, and his voice has a slightly reedy tone, which compliments lush arrangements and impassioned rhythms. After leaving the landmark Hispanic rock group Héroes del Silencio in 1996, he embarked on a solo career that featured all kinds of electro pop flavor before reinventing himself again into the Latin rock god we all know and love.  --Brandon Ferguson

Tuesday, November 20


Honey Cocaine 

Tough as nails with a mouth full of silver and a bullet wound to the arm, this tiny Cambodian spitfire from Canada might only be 20, but she's got the confidence and skill of an artist ten years older. (After she was shot by someone firing at rapper Tyga's van, she replied to a reporter, "I'm cool.") Miss Cocaine flaunts an impressive flow on Tyga's "Heisman" single and smokes on her own solo work--she holds the title as first artist ever signed to the Last Kings label. She's boisterous, kinda intimidating, surprisingly insightful and a loud-spoken activist for the whole don't-let-them-get-you-down platform. We think she's enthralling but some cranky, ugly people out there disagree and voice vicious opinions online. But in this game, it's a right of passage.--Erin DeWitt 

Wednesday, November 21 

Led Zepplin: Celebration Day Live From London 

Why can't Led Zeppelin be like the Rolling Stones and keep touring until they drop dead? Honestly, getting the band back together is almost as hard as convincing Republicans and Democrats to agree on a budget. But you do have an opportunity, actually, to see them play live. This week, head down to the Art Theatre in the LBC for a screening of Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day Live From London. This concert film documents Led Zeppelin's reunion concert on Dec. 10, 2007 at the O2 Arena in London. It's a stunning portrait of a band that changed music and features John Bonham's son, Jason Bonham, on drums. Hear your favorites tracks out of the 16 songs Zeppelin ignites on stage--it's time for you to revel in the glory of Zep and participate in a collective of the most people playing the air guitar in a movie theater since Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. [Insert epic guitar solo noises] --Joe Lapin


Art Alexakis and company visit the Cuty NationalGrove of Anaheim this week to reminisce about those glorious years of mid-'90s angst. Albums Sparkle and Fade and So Much for the Afterglow made Everclear regular names in CD collections (and songs like "Heroin Girl" made more than a few appearances on some choice mix-tapes), but like nearly all acts, their sparkle eventually began to fade and the next set of albums barely cracked the charts. In 2009, the group (now with some lineup changes) released In a Different Light, an acoustic re-imaging of some of their best songs--and then in 2011, Everclear dolled up their old tracks once again with Return to Santa Monica, this time with some covers sprinkled in. Finally, though, Everclear decided to record some new work, and released their first original album in six years, Invisible Stars, this summer, which sees the band return to their urgent, distorted, hard rock form. --Erin DeWitt 

Friday, November 23
Wild Child 

Because the lizard king's reign was so short, even many fans who were alive when Jim Morrison was doing his thing probably didn't get a chance to see him. Thankfully fans have a second shot at the next best thing. Wild Child is a tribute to the Doors which seeks to faithfully recreate the legendary psychedelic band's live act. Featuring Jim Brock on vocals, the doors of perception are opened for business. --Brandon Ferguson

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