DJ Quik and Suga Free--See Saturday
DJ Quik and Suga Free--See Saturday

The Five Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

Friday, February 22

Angry Samoans

The Observatory
First wave punk rockers everywhere are alive and kicking. Just look at the Angry Samoans: hailing from Los Angeles, they've been doing their thing since the late 70s. And since their inception, they've made a career out of being offensive. Rumor has it their song "Get Off the Air," was a direct jibe at legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer who reportedly used his influence to blacklist the band around the Hollywood scene in the early 80s. Though their original members currently only include singer Mike Saunders and drummer Bill Vockeroth, they continue to delight with their full-throttle punk sound. --Brandon Ferguson

CJ Ramone
Alex's Bar

CJ Ramone is the former Marine who took over for bassist Dee Dee Ramone during that last zig-zaggy seven years of what was basically the foundational band for American punk rock. And not only did he walk away intact, he kept playing and pushing on with his own not-as-Ramones-y as you might think rock 'n' roll, culminating in his newest and just-about-out album Reconquista. (From the album previews, you think it's more like the Dead Boys or the Stooges.) Recorded here in OC with guests like Steve Soto, Billy Zoom and Frank Agnew, Reconquista just crossed the 100% mark on crowdfund site PledgeMusic--good news because now you'll be getting even more of CJ than anyone thought was mathematically possible! --Chris Ziegler

Saturday, February 23

Rebel Bingo
Yost Theater
The best things come from jolly old England: the Beatles, our legal system, bangers and mash. And it appears as though this "special relationship" with our friends across the pond is about to get a bit more awesome. Straight from the hippest part of London (a drunken party in the basement of a church hall) comes Rebel Bingo, a wacky twist on the popular game for the senior citizen sector. But Rebel Bingo features one golden rule: there are no rules. There's drinking, music and reckless dancing. It's a wild party with Bingo for young people--sort of. Play, don't play. Party, don't party. It doesn't really matter. Just go and have fun and possibly win some prizes. God save the Queen. --Amanda Parsons

DJ Quik and Suga Free
The Observatory

DJ Quik and Suga Free--two of the genre's permed-out G-funk forefathers--decided to mosey down south this weekend for a gig at the Observatory. Inhaling chronic-smoking classics from as far back as 1991's Quik is the Name all the way up to last year's hip-hop revelation The Book of David is only half of the excitement when you consider that Pomona's legendary pimp-turned rapper Suga Free will be there to deliver his own stable of lyrical street tales. --Nate Jackson

Detroit Bar
While the fine art of braggadocio has never been a problem for Orange-based rapper C4mula, this weekend he really has a reason to puff out his chest. In celebration of his nomination for the OC Music Award for "Best Hip-Hop," the sharp-tongued, underground emcee is hosting a party to get the word out and drum up support for himself along with a flock of talented rhymeslingers that include Aliso Black, Kevin Parx, C. Sharp and J King. As buck wild as this dude can get on stage, you better believe that a solid mix of strong drinks and badass beats will only add to his ability to make sure this night is all the way live.--Nate Jackson

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