D.O.A.--See Friday
D.O.A.--See Friday

The Five Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

Friday, February 1
D.O.A. (Farewell Show)
The Observatory
Known as one of the most political and hard working punk bands since their inception back in 1978, punk rockers D.O.A. announced that they'll be calling it quits after their upcoming, final run of tour dates. One of those select shows lands them at The Observatory on Friday.Beginning with their first release, Disco Sucks EP, the Vancouver-natives established themselves as one of the most influential and pioneers in hardcore punk music along with Black Flag and Bad Brains, amongst others. They've been to all corners of the world, spreading their leftist politics, summarized by their slogan TALK-ACTION=0. As their fans will note, this includes taking on causes like Rape Relief, Anti-Racism, Education, Anti-Globalization, Anti-War, OXFAM, First Nations Rights, Anti-Censorship and environmental causes amongst many others. Those causes served as the catalyst for Joe Keithley to give up music and to become a politician, which should come as a surprise to no one. SAy your goodbyes to the band this weekend and get in the pit!--Daniel Kohn

Saturday, February 2

Nashville Pussy
The Tiki Bar
"Born to die in a rock 'n' roll band!" says title track on Nashville Pussy's redone From Hell To Texas, and you know what? They keep doing what they're doing and maybe they'll pull it off. Since like 1996, Nashville Pussy has been pumping out nasty nowheresville scuzz-rock, like a caveman Kiss or mountain-moonshine-powered Motorhead, and every single part of these songs can and will get gross at any given moment. (That guitar tone gets positively venereal sometimes.) If you ever felt like rock wasn't rock without swapping in an A and W in the middle, then Nashville Pussy wrote your national anthem. The rest of you, well, wear your fanciest clothes and stand right up front. --Chris Ziegler

Dengue Fever
Detroit Bar
Don't let the name of this band keep you from checking them out. We promise they bear no resemblance to the horrific tropical disease that causes grotesque swelling and fever--though they are infectious. Fronted by singer Chom Nmol, who hails from Cambodia and sings in her native Khmer, she's backed by an insanely talented band specializing in 60s era pop. Not to be missed. --Brandon Ferguson

C Money & The Player Inc.
C-Money is a trumpeter best known for his work with stoner-reggae outfit Slightly Stoopid. Backed by the Players Inc., his style can still be described as stoney, but skews less toward the sounds of Jamaica and more toward the R&B rhythms of the States. Lush arrangements feature strings and samples as well as melody mixed with rhymes. Dig the jam "Art and Civilization," a cynical, lyrical polemic lambasting the decline of modern music. It's style that represents a refreshing departure from Slidebar's normal rock offerings. --Brandon Ferguson

He's My Brother, She's My Sister
Constellation Room
He's My Brother She's My Sister's sultry swagger is created by a pair of siblings and a vaudevillian troupe of musicians. The LA-based group spend much of their time acting--singer Rachel Kolar and tap-dancing drummer Lauren Brown went to NYU together and created their own experimental theater group, Post Fact Productions. When they aren't filming or producing plays, He's My Brother She's My Sister are on the road, sharing the bill with the likes of My Morning Jacket and Dr. Dog. They blend both of their arts masterfully and put on a damn rowdy gypsy party while they're at it.--Taylor Hamby

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