Shogun--See Friday
Shogun--See Friday

The Five Best Concerts in O.C. This Weekend

Friday, November 30

Yost Theater

OC's EDM scene welcomes the return of our favorite Irvine-by-way-of-Ohio trance DJ Shogun. Having spent the last year bouncing all over Asia and Europe and being co-signed by EDM legend Armin van Buuren, the selector born Andrew Chen reunites with OC audiences, offering a mix of pulsating, melodramatic synth flourishes and wicked bass.--Nate Jackson
Saturday, December 1

Dilated Peoples
The Observatory

Dilated Peoples hails from Los Angeles and though they've gained critical accolades, they haven't quite made their mark in the mainstream. That's ok, Kanye West likes them, lending vocals on the 2004 jam "This Way." They bust rhymes with a maximum efficiency that brings to bear plenty of wisdom, at a rapid clip.-- Brandon Ferguson

Fu Manchu
Detroit Bar

It's easy to dismiss Fu Manchu as San Clemente's answer to That 70's Show, since the music they make is a sound seemingly designed to fire up a zillion bongs. Brand them "stoner rock" if you must, but they're really just a great, honest, blue-collar metal band--graduates of the Sabbath school of eardrum bleeding, with songs about pool skating, surfing, El Caminos, Mongoose BMX bikes, the beach, driving around, Dogtown, UFOs and vans (both the Chevy and slip-on shoe variety). This year, the band announced that they've begun work on a new album--looks like these guys are firing one up for another round. This weekend, watch them perform their classic album, 1997's This Action is Go" in its entirety.--Nate Jackson

Chain Reaction

Saturdays were made for shaking off the dust of a shitty work week. And there's no better way to shake a shit ton of dust than to hop into a seething pit grooving to the raging strains of Lionheart. Known for their chugging, aggressive sound, their growling vocals tread the border regions between punk and hardcore. -- Brandon Ferguson

Sunday, December 2

Hot Snakes
Alex's Bar

The Hot Snakes are a punk band and hardcore band and garage band all at once--if you never smelled something burning at a Hot Snakes show, well, you just weren't at the right Hot Snakes show--and that means they're ferociously musically literate in an era where dudes who write about them can't even spell "Creedence" right. (Which does wonders for your creedability.) After a 2010 reunion that saw much rejoicing and rending of garments, Hot Snakes settled into a Santa Claus schedule where once (or twice) a year they come blasting through the roof for all the kids who still believe. If you ever wanted everything happening all at once and on fire too, this matinee will ruin you for the rest of the day--give thanks! --Chris Ziegler

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