Angry Samoans--See Friday
Angry Samoans--See Friday

The Five Best Concerts in OC This Week

Tuesday, December 18

Stevie Tombstone
The Prospector

Stevie Tombstone's sweet, soulful country croon juxtaposes delightfully with his hard craggy face. Rocking some hard-luck chic, his songs feature mentions of the undertaker and give thanks for the little things in life--such as not being in jail. -- Brandon Ferguson
Wednesday, December 19

Vince Neil
City National Grove of Anaheim

The two acts performing tonight at the City National Grove have survived, how should we say, absolute fucking tragedy, but managed to pull out of the wreckage and keep on truckin'. Headliner Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe has experienced more than a few run-ins with the law, including several battery charges, a host of drunk driving allegations and a vehicular manslaughter sentence. And his opening act, Great White, will probably never escape the stigma of the unbelievably tragic Rhode Island club fire that took the lives of more than 100 concert-goers and band guitarist Ty Longley back in 2003. But through the worst of it, these two musical outfits found each other and on this End of the World Tour, currently traveling the country, they can revisit the good old days of their classic rock careers and look ahead to brighter futures.--Erin DeWitt

The Growlers
Alex's Bar

The traveling, psychedelic surf bum circus continues this week as the Growlers continue  another round of West Coast tour dates. In anticipation of their new album, Hung at Heart (the due date has been pushed again to Jan 22), mustachioed frontman Brooks Nielsen and company embark on 10 dates up and down the California coast starting December 14.That also includes a major pit stop in the LBC to take over Alex's Bar. What happens when a punk rock Day of the Dead-themed bar gets injected with a but-full of hipster debauchery and trippy gothic surf music for three nights in a row...God only knows.--Nate Jackson

Thursday, December 20

El Vez Mex-Mas
Detroit Bar

El Vez (formerly known as Zeros punk rocker, Robert Lopez) is the undisputed king of the Hispanic Elvis impersonators, and don't think you can casually step on his blue suede zapatos. While Elvis is his grand novelty achievement--mixing up the Memphis boy's standards with Chicano politics in "Immigration Time" ("Suspicious Minds"), "En El Barrio," and others--he also delivers some muy caliente renditions of Bowie, Dylan and Iggy Pop. This month, join him and his Elvettes for some holiday cheer that's sure to include glittery fashions and the timeless classics "Poncho Claus" and "Brown Christmas"--and don't forget to break out that awesome rompope. --Stacy Davies

Friday, December 21

Angry Samoans
Unit B Studio

This generation of music fans should consider themselves spoiled that there are still first wave punk bands--not only alive and kicking--but rocking too. Mind you, we're not referencing the advanced age of early punk rockers, but rather the hardness with which they lived. Thank your lucky stars Angry Samoans, fronted by original singer Metal Mike Sanders are still raising hell. --Brandon Ferguson

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