Social Distortion--See Wednesday
Social Distortion--See Wednesday

The Five Best Concerts in OC This Week

Tuesday, December 4

Bruce Springsteen
Honda Center

Some rock 'n' roll shows simply fill a Tuesday night with enough noise to free the audience from the minutiae of the work week. The band sings a couple songs and flashes some strobe lights--whoopity doo. Then there are concerts that are spiritual, startling, and almost revelatory that spark enlightenment and joy. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band's stop at the Honda Center as part of the Wrecking Ball Tour is one of those concerts. Since the Boss kicked off his tour in August at Fenway Park, he's been on the road, igniting the lives of Americans from coast to coast. If you don't have a ticket to this show yet, then you need to find a way--because seeing Bruce Springsteen live, well, it's a renaissance of the body and the soul. --Joe Lapin  
Wednesday, December 5

Social Distortion
House of Blues

Trying to sum up the relevance of OC punk is a foolhardy venture. To save time, you might as well pull out a piece of paper and sketch out a skeleton with a wide-brimmed hat holding a martini glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. People will get it. After all, if Orange County music has one iconic, cartoon figure, it's Social Distortion's Skelly logo. And we still can't find a tattooed, greased-up local figurehead quite like Mike Ness. The Fullerton-bred band begins its massive winter run on the House of Blues, including nine shows at the Anaheim location (24 shows in all from now until late January). Yeah tickets are beyond sold out for most of these gigs, but consider this your last wake-up call to scramble for whatever dates are left.--Nate Jackson

Yost Theater

Fans of late '90s death pop band Orgy were surely foaming at the mouth when the band, back from hiatus, released a snippit of new material online this past August. And though the only remaining original member at this point is singer Jay Gordon (there was a nasty falling out a few years back, but Gordon owns the band's name and isn't letting go anytime soon), Orgy maintains that wonderful goth industrial dance sound that made them famous, just updated (new material includes a collaboration with Skrillex). The band's Bad Blood tour earlier this year may have got cut short (due to weather), but they set up a quick four-show run including this week's performance at the Yost, giving fans a chance to meet the new incarnation of Orgy. --Erin DeWitt

Thursday, December 6

The Colourist
The Constellation Room

The Colourist is an Orange County band of the indie variety. Known for an oft dreamy, lush sound-- not unlike Death Cab--singer Adam Castilla's vocals are complimented by drummer Maya Tuttle's soft coo. Her passion for her instrument is undeniable. She's a joy to watch. The two were in a band prior to forming the Colourist called Paper Thin Walls, which opened once for Led Zepplin. If you meet them, be mindful not to ask about it. Trust us. -- Brandon Ferguson

Friday, December 7

The Glass House

Watsky is a white rapper who raises the bar for dorks wanting to scatter some spit. He's a talent whose abilities rival that of another gabacho rapper--and he's got it all--speed, rhythm and wit. Dig the Youtube video of him rapping fast, he actually throws a belch into the mix, and makes it work. --Brandon Ferguson

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