B-52's--See Friday
B-52's--See Friday

The Five Best Concerts in OC This Week

Monday, February 4

Social Distortion
House of Blues Anaheim
With few shows happening this Monday, you might consider trying to check out Social Distortion's umpteenth gig at the House of Blues this month. Perhaps setting a record for the most shows played at the Anaheim venue by a single band in one month, it's clear SD knows its fan base in the land of citrus is serious. Go enjoy such pseudo-rockabilly hits as "Ball and Chain," and "Story of My Life," (again). With the final OC Music Awards show set to go off at the Grove in March, it'll be interesting to see if SD makes an appearance and personally accepts one of the awards they're sure to be given, or if they'll just take the money and run. --Brandon Ferguson

Tuesday, February 5

Fathers and Suns
The Prospector
Long Beach band Fathers and Suns are trying to match Van Morrison's looseness with the Grateful Dead's laid-back-ness, which means they light up songs with harmonies and then let the lead guitar take a little walk around the block. (See the song "Takin' a Walk," featuring an attempt to capture some of the magic of 13th Floor Elevators svengali Tommy Hall's bubbling electric jug.) And there's plenty of contemporary touches that no '70s ruraldelic band could have even conceived of--drum machine on "All My Friends Are Animals"--but we aren't in the '70s and things aren't so ruraldelic anymore, and even drum machines have got a little bit of soul by now. If you're lookin' out your back door, you'll probably spot these guys in the next backyard over. --Chris Ziegler

The Littlest Viking
Detroit Bar
Even though rock & roll duos are increasingly more prevalent these days, the idea of forming a shredding, math rock band with only two people sounds a bit limiting. That is until an act like the semi-local Littlest Viking comes along. Formed by drummer Christopher Gregory and guitarist Ruben Cortez, TLV exhibits the a mix of experimental moxie, punk rock power and melodic precision, all while staying refreshingly vocal-free. The band is supported by Cobalt Cranes, the Bellhaunts and Research Team Down. --Nate Jackson

Wednesday, February 6

Hot Water Music
The Observatory
Floridian punk foursome Hot Water Music sure kept their fans waiting. 2012 saw the group release album Exister--their first new full-length record in eight years. But through hiatuses, breakups and reunions, '90s punk diehards remain steadfast and loyal to HWM. Their current tour skips around the continent and stops by the Observatory this week, testing the venue's amps with their special brand of loud, fast and crazy. We especially admire the band's online contest, awarding some fans an opportunity to hang with the group and drink a few beers (specifically Pabst Blue Ribbon). Though not happening at any California shows, slugging back some PBR and avoiding elbows in the pit sounds almost as fun.--Erin DeWitt

Thursday, February 8

City National Grove Anaheim

Tonight the Grove features a band whose hippy dippy songs about freedom and love served as the soundtrack for an entire generation. The decade was a turbulent time known as the 80s, and the kids bopping along to such hits as "Love Shack" and "Rock Lobster" were part of Generation X. For some reason, the rank conservatism of the early decade led to some serious granola style as the '90s approached and the B-52s were there infusing their sound with elements of pop and punk. Dig the beehive hairdos. --Brandon Ferguson

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