The Crosby's "Official" Grand Opening Party

Better late than never? Sure! Weekly cover boys Phil Nisco, Chris Alfaro and Mark Yamaoka turned a weekend long extravaganza into The Crosby’s Official Grand Opening Party. So what if they opened two months ago? According to Nisco, the lineup of events this weekend just seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally put the “official” in somewhere.

Friday night dangled the promise of Obey’s mastermind Shepard Fairey taking to the turntables under the name DJ Diabetic. Not only spinning, but also showcasing art and a limited edition Obey/Crosby t-shirt. Naturally, every hipster within a ten-mile radius went into a complete frenzy. Unable to make it out that night, Music Editor Dave Segal assured me it was complete chaos.

Unwilling to be absent from another mixer of beat braking and libations, I was sure to be at the Crosby Saturday night for the Stussy and Turntablelab Beats LP Release party. Last night featured live sets by Nosuj Thing along with Nisco and Alfaro’s groundbreaking musical outfit Free The Robots.

The space, located on Broadway in the mushrooming Artist Village in Downtown Santa Ana, has an easy ability to get packed packed packed. A decent sized floor space is no match for the throngs of music lovers looking to get their drank and dance on when clearly no other event in the area could even hold a candle to The Crosby (sorry, Proof, but Fridays are more your night).

Free the Robots took to the tables just after midnight, when apparently people had finally found their dancing shoes. Or perhaps it was Le Receptionist making a rare social appearance and showing off those crazy moves that brought out everyone’s inner rug cutter.

Shining as brightly as ever, Free The Robots fluidly melted one song into the next, delighting with unexpected twists on favorites like "Dear Diary", "The Bearded Lady" and "Jazzhole".

Side note: The Crosby— serving only beer and wine until they can obtain that elusive liquor license— makes lethally delicious sangria.

View photos of the event here.


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