Come back, Matt Adams
Come back, Matt Adams
Wendy Fletcher

The Blank Tapes' New Album Is Free... For Now

​"Stamp 'Matt Adams' anywhere on your CD, and it's a guarantee the music contained therein is of a quality of the highest order." So wrote the Weekly's Rich Kane in 2005 about Adams, a Newport-Beach-based songwriter who has since moved to Oakland.

Ignore the quaintness of the quote (stamp on a CD? Like, a CD you can hold?) and instead get excited that Adams' band the Blank Tapes has put its new album, Home Away From Home, online available for free.

Weekly contributor

Chris Ziegler

, who's working with Costa Mesa/Long Beach label

White Noise

(which is putting out the album), tells us that the free-download offer stands till the physical CD comes out. Which, as far as we can tell, is tomorrow, April 27. 

In other words: Get on it fast, here.


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