The Best Punk Albums of 2014

The Best Punk Albums of 2014

There's no shortage of cynics who would love to have you believe that punk is dead. But we'll have you know that if those people would dig the earwax out and pay attention, they'd know that today's punk bands are still creating volatile, relevant, inspired songs year after year. Of course 2014 was no different. Several generations of punk's finest made their mark on the genre this year with all the guts and grit we've come to expect and maybe a little extra. Here is our list of the Best Punk Albums of 2014.

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11.Rancid, ...Honor is All We Know

The godfathers of the '90s punk scene showed a solid return to form back in October with their eighth studio album

...Honor is All We Know

. They reclaim their vitality from the very first note of aptly-titled opener "Back Where I Belong," with Matt Freeman's punchy bass playing, guitarist-vocalist Tim Armstrong's raspy sneer, catchy harmonies led by Lars Frederiksen, and the crushing drums of Branden Steineckert. Even though it's tough to match the genius of their golden-era albums, most of what we hear on the 14-track album would still stand out in any Rancid setlist and definitely packs more punch that anything on 2009's lukewarm release

Let the Dominoes Fall

. We're glad to see that this year, Rancid manages to keep roaring ahead instead of phoning it in.

10.Mad Caddies, Dirty Rice

Though its style is as eclectic and full of different flavors as its title suggests, Mad Caddies' spring release

Dirty Rice

is a quality offering from the ska-tinged punks. And considering it's their first album in seven years, it really shows that the Santa Barbara seven piece still has fire in their belly. Songs like "Bring it Down," one of the truly punk tracks on the album, gives you that taste of distorted guitar played at the break-neck speed you need, which is balanced well by some pop sensibility and the reggae tinged "Cali Song." Is it a purebred punk record? No. But it does bring together all the right elements of the scene they helped popularize in the late '90s while offering diverse flavors in the mix.

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