Lamb of God
Lamb of God
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The Best OC Metal Concerts in May

For some reason, this month seems to have a lot of metal shows, and we do mean a ton. If you’re lucky enough to live in the OC or greater Southern California region, then take advantage and get out to at least one of these amazing local concerts. Whether you’re into death metal, doom metal power metal or Satanic black metal, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the OC’s best metal shows for May. 

1.The Black Dahlia Murder Saturday
May 7
The Chain Reaction in Anaheim

These Detroit natives have made a name for themselves over the past decade touring their asses off. From playing clubs and smaller venues to performing at major European and American summer festivals along the likes of Nile, Exodus, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Hatebreed, Slayer, Arch Enemy and many more over the years, The Black Dahlia Murder’s blend of European melodies and American brutality with hints of thrash grind and black metal has , sold millions of records and built a solid fan base. The Black Dahlia Murder might be one of the hardest working bands in metal, touring most of the year, dedicating their lives, bodies and souls to creating a live show that is steeped in passion and raw human emotion. The band’s hard work has payed off. They will be performing a special live rendition of the debut album, Unhallowed, along with a set of other hits from their catalog. Don’t miss extreme hitter Fallujuah who take intensity, technicality and brutality to another level with this dark, progressive death metal hybrid. Expect fans at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim to go beserk when TBM hits the stage.

2. Behemoth Saturday
May 7
The Observatory in Santa Ana

Back to bring its ritualistic darkness and extreme music to Santa Ana, Polish death metal titans Behemoth are once again going to destroy all eardrums, blacken all souls and mesmerize all in attendance with their monstrous presence and what is sure to be a hellish performance of the entire album The Satanist. Expect nothing short of performance that will make heads bang, flames rise, circle pits swirl and spirits collide at the Observatory. Be ready for a show that even Lucifer himself would be proud to be at. Be sure to arrive early, and check out opening act special guest, the female fronted black metal band Myrkur.

May 26
The Constellation Room 

This American Doom Metal band, which is considered to be one of the progenitors of Doom has been around since the late 70s, but never officially released any recorded music until the mid 80s. Still, the band’s influential sound has helped to create the genre of doom metal which has been going strong for decades now. With a revolving line up over the many years in the band’s career, the only original member is vocalist Bobby Leibling; but the sound of what created the Doom movement remains the same. If you’re a fan of Doom Metal, this is a show you won’t want to miss.

4.Luca Turilli’s Rhapshody & Primal Fear
May 12
The Grove of Anaheim

Get ready for a night of Italian and German Power Metal. From Italy, formerly of the band Rhapsody of Fire, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody will no doubt bring with it a level of intensity that few symphonic power metal bands can match. The melodies, epic songs and stellar musicianship will be match by German heavy metal band Primal Fear, Germany’s answer to Judas Priest. The band’s science fiction, liberty based brand of metal isn’t just limited to Power Metal, as Primal Fear also incorporates smaller elements of thrash, hard rock and more into their fist pumping head banging music.

5.Metal Alliance Tour
May 13th
The Glasshouse in Pomona

With Ozzfest, Family Values, Rockstar Mayhem, and even now Knotfest gone, there are no metal tours this summer. But that didn’t stop the annual Metal Alliance Tour from throwing its annual nation wide club trek of some of extreme metal’s best bands. This year, headliners will be Dying Fetus. opening the show are American metalcore band The Acacia Strain, early 90s American death metal band Jungle Rot and Prog Metal band Black Crown Initiate. This eclectic line up will hopefully draw big crowds , as it speeds across the country, hitting a town near you. The Glasshouse in Pomona should be raging, as Dying Fetus is always a local favorite, whenever they come to town.

6.Devildriver and Hatebreed
May 21
The Glasshouse in Pomona

After some time to regroup and tour, play and bond with his former band Coal Chamber, heavy metal vocalist Dez Farfara is ready to go back to DevilDriver, a band he formed after the demise of Coal Chamber. With a new album out May 13, entitled, Trust No One, DevilDriver is back with a vengeance, and hitting the road full throttle. With thier peers and friends in metal/hardcore heroes Hatebreed, DevilDriver plans to annihilate the stage in Pomona, so if you’re there, as Dez always yells out to some one standing still, ‘Get in the Fucking Pit!” Jamey Jasta and band, Hatebreed are still going ape shit after more than a 15 years of hardcore heaviness. Get ready to mosh at this show, without a doubt.

7.Lamb of God, Corrosion of Conformity and Clutch
May 28
Fox Theater Pomona

As one of the premiere American heavy metal bands, Lamb of God have had a tumultuous career, to out it lightly. But the band is back where it belongs, on the road wrecking havoc one venue at a time. This time, the madness and violence(all in good fun) also brings with it several opening bands who though are rockers, might not be at brutal. Nonetheless, expect good times form Corrosion of Conformity and Clutch, two perfect opening bands, to get the crowd just warmed up enough and rocking out, for a band like Lamb of God who will obliterate fans in Pomona, and have a blast in the process. Another guaranteed slam dance fest, especially for Lamb of God’s infamous Wall of Death, you have been warned in advanced.


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