The Best OC Cover/Tribute Band...Any Votes?

The Best OC Cover/Tribute Band...Any Votes?

As tragically bad or corny as some might be, good cover bands (or tribute bands, whatever) are the salt of the earth. You take a group of reasonably talented musicians who all love one band enough to copy their songs for a room full of drunk people that could never afford tickets to see the real thing. Or maybe it's a Jimi Hendrix type of  scenario where no one will ever get to see the real thing again. In that regard, it's hard to say no to a night out rocking to live music from the artists you love played by somebody else.

We've got plenty of solid cover bands around these parts. All you need to do is scope out places like The Coach House, Surf City Saloon, and OC Tavern to get a true sample of die hard rock-n-roll tributes. This Friday, House of Blues Anaheim makes way for the stoned atmospheric rock of Which One's Pink? (pictured). But besides these guys, who would probably be considered at the top of the food chain as far as So Cal cover bands go, who is your favorite local cover band? Do you even like cover bands? If not, props to you for wasting the whole minute and fifteen seconds it took to read this post.

For the rest of you, ponder those questions and check out a little bit of what is coming to HOB this Friday.

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