Miranda Sings--See Friday
Miranda Sings--See Friday

The Best Concerts to See in OC This Weekend

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Friday, June 27

Miranda Sings City National Grove of Anaheim Actress and comedian Colleen Ballinger created the lovably ridiculous character Miranda Sings back in 2008 as a satirical nod to the seemingly endless stream of talentless, delusional singers posting videos to YouTube, hoping to become famous. The ironic thing is that Miranda Sings was such a hit, her videos received millions of views and, now, Ballinger is touring the world, bringing her comedy musical routine to thousands of fans. With smeared lipstick and hiked-up shorts, Miranda Sings has pushed her way into pop culture--and tonight she brings her bizarre one-woman show to Orange County. If you've ever wanted to meet the weird woman behind that "Starships" video, now's your chance. (Erin DeWitt)

Saturday, June 28

Ninjapalooza LuWow House of Blues Anaheim Graceland Ninjaz aren't your average cover band--they're more like martians who landed on earth and are doing their best to blend in. Imagine a rambunctious six-piece band covering everything from Sir-Mix-A-Lot to Prince to Nirvana--but fronted by a flamboyant Elvis Impersonator. Who stays in character the entire time. But here's the kicker: Half of the band members are Emmy-winning musicians, with frontman David "EzE" McMahon an impressive three-time-Emmy-winning singer/songwriter. They call themselves the King of Party Bands and we're totally OK with that. So bizarrely awesome are Graceland Ninjaz that they've inspired a nationwide summer party kickoff tour. It's called the Ninjapalooza LuWow, and features hula girls, tiki drinks, and a full lineup of live music. Elvis-inspired or Hawaiian costumes are heavily encouraged. Don't let yourself miss this one. (Erin DeWitt)

Hirax The Observatory Hirax was formed in Cypress in the early 1980s and rose to prominence among the speed metal/thrash scene, playing early shows with bands such as Slayer, Exodus, and Metallica, in clubs across Southern California. In 1985, Metal Blade released the classic album Raging Violence, and Hate Fear and Power in 1986. By 1988 the band had broken up, only leaving a legacy of thrash metal for underground fanatics. In 2000, lead singer Kayton D. Pena (now the band's only original member) reformed the band for a short-lived reunion, then the lineup changed completely. After hearing the band's classic '80s albums, fans should also check out The New Age of Terror, (2004), and El Rostro De La Murete (2009). The band is insanely huge in Germany, Brazil, Mexico and well many places where the cultures love thrash metal. Still active and touring, Hirax sees no sign of stopping soon. That includes releasing a new album, Immortal Legacy, earlier this year. Hirax was and still is thrash metal at its most pure and furious; the band is still causing pits, drinking beers and flying the flag for thrash metal warriors everywhere. See them at the Observatory this weekend with the Shrine and Lecherous Gaze for only $5!(Alex Distefano) Solution OC Tavern Making a serious splash at the OC Music Awards Best Live Band concert series the last two years, these crowd favorites are known to mix a bit of Metallica with their Steel Pulse, along with a punk of other elements that are liable to grab your attention more than the next Sublime cover band. See them this weekend down in South County at OC Tavern. (Nate Jackson)

Sunday, June 29

Qui Alex's Bar Qui is two dudes, 200 decibels and about 2,000 ideas all dissolving into each other at once--and also two musicians marking two distant poles with plenty of space to explore in between. There's inspiration from bands like Big Business and Melvins in there somewhere, but this is a band less about sludge (or whatever we're supposed to call this kind of combination of thick, heavy and fluid) and more about primordial ooze, and that's why you never know what Qui's gonna grow. Riff, voice and rhythm are in some kind of perpetual chase here, with songs like album title track "Life, Water, Living ..." revealing themselves at really sorta touching pop at heart (once you listen to it 1,000 times in cranked headphones, of course). (Chris Ziegler)

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