Strung Out--See Friday
Strung Out--See Friday
Rick Kosick

The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Friday, April 3

The Aquabats House of Blues Anaheim Orange County's very own crime-fighting superheroes -- The Aquabats -- are bringing their superhero weapons (that is, Silly String bottles, fire extinguishers, and beach balls) back home for another heartwarming, over-the-top show. Even if they've been performing for over two decades now (and their music has evolved tremendously -- from ska to new-wave rock to synthpop), they're still the same group that invites kids on stage to dance, puts on stunts, and dramatically fights with costumed villains. So dress up the kids in their favorite superhero outfits, and dress yourself up, too. You're in for some fun. (Kristine Hoang)

Daedelus The Wayfarer Last year, he returned to Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label after four years for the release of The Light Brigade. Having spent time touring in Ukraine, Daedelus used the Crimean conflict of 1843 to 1846 as the backdrop and theme. The album's more deliberate pacing and melodic sound featuring acoustic guitars was a departure from what fans of the Low End Theory favorite may have been accustomed to. The Light Brigade was released Sept. 29, but that hasn't stopped the producer from feverishly working on his next album, tentatively titled Labyrinth. Over the past three months, he says, he has 29 potential songs in the works, adding that he's returning to the high-energy sound that has become the hallmark of his live show. Check him out on Friday at the Wayfarer alongside Free the Robots. (Daniel Kohn)

Strung Out The Observatory Nostalgia is something many punk bands have been embracing, especially during the past year or so, as everyone from the Offspring to Taking Back Sunday have reissued their biggest records. But if someone told Strung Out's Jason Cruz his band was veering that direction, that person would likely incur his wrath. That said, Cruz and his band mates have spent the better part of the past six years celebrating their ferocious early material, releasing a greatest-hits package and a box set, as well as going out on a couple of album tours under terms even Cruz begrudgingly accepted. The time off from writing and releasing new material served them well. With the band members' strong-willed personalities, there were plenty of disagreements at the beginning of the writing process for the new album, Transmission Alpha Delta. On top of their internal squabbles, it took the band a couple of months to shake off the rust and capture their old chemistry in the studio. See them in all their glory on Friday night at the Observatory. (Daniel Kohn) Saturday, April 4

Bad Cop Bad Cop Fitzgerald's If future descendants were to make a compilation of the best all-female punk bands of this generation, it would have to include Bad Cop/ Bad Cop in its roster. Their music, which includes upbeat three-part vocal harmonies and snarling guitars, recalls the sounds of '90s rocker femme fatales whilst shutting down tired sexist tropes and harassment with lyrics like, "Who are you/ to think you can touch me?/I am who I am/ and that's what I want to be!" BC/BC's 7" Boss Lady features fierce tracks such as this to serve as a battle cry for women everywhere, but is catchy enough for just about anyone to bop and sing along to-- which you can do tonight at Fitzgerald's Pub in Huntington Beach. (Aimee Murillo)

Glorious Wondour The Wayfarer Trying to fit Glorious Wondour into the typical taxonomy of local rock bands is a little difficult. It's partly because their presence online leaves a lot to the imagination. Any hints about the new songs they've written for their forthcoming album are non-existent as far as the Internet is concerned. But considering we've heard them play alongside the now-defunct band Mt. Ossa (including at the Weekly's Summerfest bash last June), we realize that even when you have them playing right in front of you, you're not always sure where the music is gonna go. It's the sort of music you can imagine on a slow climb toward euphoria, stopping every once in a while to dance your ass off. Imagine a Day Glo infused of indie pop with a psychedelic bent, tons of effect-laden bass and vocals dripping with delay. See them along with headliner Mystery Skulls at the Wayfarer on Saturday. (Nate Jackson)

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