The Vandals--See Friday
The Vandals--See Friday

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Monday, June 29

Jacco Gardner The Wayfarer Like his first album Cabinet of Curiosities (2013), Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner brings '60s psychedelia into his second and newest album Hyphnophobia, which was released earlier this year. There are definitely elements of The Zombies--one of his self-proclaimed influences--in the songs that reveal themselves through reverb-heavy vocals and song structures that could be mistaken for something out of The Zombies' 1968 album Odessey and Oracle. But the '60s aren't the only era audible in this album; Gardner's use of harpischords, Optigans, mellotrons, and an ancient Steinway piano give this album a distinctively Baroque undertone. All in all, Hyphnophobia is nothing short of a vintage-lover's dream--a modern work of old influences unafraid of twisting time. (Kristine Hoang)

Tuesday, June 30

VHS The Continental Room A punk band that names themselves after an obsolete home movie medium, VHS spits out their caustic rock tuneage, recorded through analog means and sounding akin to an abandoned gloom punk project circa 1988. While their band name VHS recalls 'video home system' tapes (remember those, millenials?) it actually stands as an acronym for Violent Human System, and out of the basement this Seattle group has emerged to bring their dark releases Art Decay, Everything Is Boring and Choking on the Fruit, which you can get on cassette, or-- for you non-digital-phobes-- through their online Bandcamp page. They'll be hitting up several shows in Orange County, namely tonight with fellow punk analog enthusiasts Bad Antics from Placentia, and The Damn Times from Austin. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, July 1

Moonsville Collective The Wayfarer Conceived from about three separate bands into a multi-harmony, jangly, countrified folk group, Moonsville Collective are one of Orange County's favorite crews (in fact, this very paper named them Best Live Band in 2012 and Best Folk Act in 2013). Perhaps it's the escape from typical OC music--the fellas of Moonsville Collective may reside in SoCal but their hearts hail from jug-swigging mountain folk. See them this week with Sam Outlaw and Cale Tyson. (Erin DeWitt) Thursday, July 2

Lovely Bad Things The Constellation Room Let's not say La Mirada's Pixies-punkers Lovely Bad Things are back, because they never really went away--they just had to slow down for a second. But don't you worry because they've got big things ahead. Out now is a teaser for those big things: their new single "Space Waste" / "Always Lazy," which is two songs of Lovely Bad Things in their purest and most powerful form. They've still got those Dinosaur Jr-style pretty/crazy guitar explosions, documented with at least 50% more crazy in the middle of "Always Lazy," but there's a Pinkerton-ian command of melody and imagination in these songs, too. (And of course that's by far the best Weezer album, isn't it?) If there's still rock 'n' roll radio in the real world, this is exactly what needs to be leading off every weekend. (Chris Ziegler)

Friday, July 3

The Vandals The Glass House For the better part of the past three and a half decades, Long Beach's The Vandals have become synonymous with the advances in the OC hardcore punk scene; their Christmas show in particular at the House of Blues has become a staple on the concert calendar. However, the group is embarking on a summer tour, despite not having released an album in 11 years. Though they've been teasing new material for the past few years, the group's back catalog, which mixes the mundane with the humorous, along with an electric live show has allowed to continue touring behind their rich history. Even with its members pursuing other projects, whenever the quartet join forces, fun is had for all. (Daniel Kohn)

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