Seven Seconds--See Saturday
Seven Seconds--See Saturday

The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Friday, March 6 Poop The Doll Hut Few OC punk bands have been through more shit together than Poop. Formed in 1993 by rompin'-stompin' front man Scott Hoogland, they remain a band hellbent on destruction--including their bodies, any stage they play on and hopefully your ideas of the definition of the limitations of punk rock. Their roaring, beer-soaked sound incorporates Motorhead-esque rock-n-roll with thrash and stage antics that have left plenty of shocked audiences in their wake. Battling back from a number of obstacles (including the death of former drummer Steven Pratt), the band are finally playing their first show in several years at the Doll Hut along with the Rikk Agnew Band (though we're told due health issues Rikk will have guest performers singing RAB and old Adolescents songs in his stead). Make sure to get their early to see Poop push out their one of a kind set. (Nate Jackson)

Porkchops and Applesauce Slidebar The bass-drums duo Porkchops and Applesauce strips punk rock down to its essence: playing whatever you want whenever you want to play it, owning it the whole time without apology. For the sound and attitude, the Minutemen come to mind, but this band's sound is even more minimal--quirky but visceral, weird and varied enough to captivate an audience the whole set through. On lead bass we have Kirk Hofstetter, hailing from Fullerton. Playing the part of Applesauce is whomever he's jamming with on drums, which may change nightly. See P&A as part of the evening celebration of two-man bands, including Roosterhead, Time and Energy and the Fox and Bear Band. (Adam Lovinus)

Saturday, March 7

Cash'd Out Lido Live Johnny Cash's badass musical legacy lives on through Cash'd Out, a tribute act that's touted as one of the best in the business. Lead by vocalist and Cash impersonator Douglas Benson, Cash'd out covers tunes from every era of the late singer's revered song catalogue. The group snagged four San Diego Music Awards for Best Tribute Band since their formation in 2005, and pride themselves on pleasing longtime fans and new recruits alike. The group boasts more than 150 Cash tunes in their repertoire including hits like "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Ring of Fire," as well as revivals of June-Carter Cash duets. Cash'd Out will take the stage at Lido Live in Newport Beach to pay homage to the late, American music icon. (Heidi Darby) 7Seconds The Observatory Formed in Reno, Nevada, 7 Seconds were part of the vanguard of the hardcore punk explosion in the early '80s. With modern classics such as The Crew and Walk Together, Rock Together, they were a crucial voice on the scene. Seconds proved his commitment to the development of the genre by bringing cutting-edge bands such as Black Flag, Social Distortion, Suicidal Tendencies and Scream to backwater Reno and attracting national underground attention to local bands via his Positive Force record label. Now, more than 30 years later, 7 Seconds are still going strong, with an expanding fan base here and abroad, and Leave a Light On has been well-received by fans. See them this weekend with Ill Repute, Battalion of Saints, Done Dying and Vultures United at the Observatory. (Theis Duelund)

La Chilanga Banda Harvelle's Long Beach Long-revered abroad and stateside, Cafe Tacuba are pioneers in the early '90s wave of Mexican alternative rock for their combination of folk, hip hop, punk, ska and Norteño music that paved the way for later acts in the years to come. But local fans can get a dose of their live show experience with Cafe Tacuba tribute band La Chilanga Banda playing tonight at Harvelle's. Taking their name from the title of a Cafe Tacuba song, La Chilanga Banda perform their avalanche of hits with a heavy ska sound that espouses a playful energy and upbeat dance feel, and sometimes even a lead singer who dresses in a Chapulin Colorado costume (Mexico's parodic answer to Superman, look him up). La Chilanga Banda will get you skanking and grooving in no time flat-- so sing along if you know the words. (Aimee Murillo)

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