Taking Back Sunday--See Saturday
Taking Back Sunday--See Saturday

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Friday, February 27

The Beatles vs. The Stones House of Blues Anaheim So you say you've got them moves like Jagger, eh? Well, my guitar gently weeps, so suck it. These are the typical clamorings of a Beatles vs. Rolling Stones fan rivalry. While we may never come to an agreement over which British Invader shall reign supreme in our collective classic rock conscious, we can objectively analyze the music and imaging of each band during the times they were simultaneously blowing our American minds. Approach the decades-old debate of Beatles vs. Stones and develop an educated conclusion during Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts' "The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones" lecture. Because before now, the showdown was always between the fans, not the bands. (Amanda Parsons)

Flight Facilities The Observatory For Australian electronic duo Flight Facilities (Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell), their breakout hit, "Crave You" featuring Giselle Rosselli was only the tip of the sonic iceberg. Collaborating with big names such as Reggie Watts, Kylie Minogue and Owl Eyes has afforded the two with fresh perspectives on keeping their sound innovative and inspired, while maintaining their own unique brand of disco/house/pop that has rocketed them to prominence in only four years. These days, the music scene is richer for having Flight Facilities in it, and as modern dance music gets larger and larger with newer subgenres to work with, it will be a blast to see where these guys take it from here. But for tonight, you can seize the chance to enjoy them live as they land at The Observatory while they tour through the wild blue yonder. (Aimee Murillo)

Bella Novella DiPiazza's Telemetry, the third record by Long Beach power trio Bella Novela, is a three-part concept record that clocks in at exactly 33 minutes, with each part having three songs. The sound is pure classic rock--think if Gwen Stefani fronted Blue Oyster Cult. Stuff that Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar would dig. They toe the line of being too technical to be cool, but who gives a fuck about being cool when you can play like that? They're playing at DiPiazza's with Feral Kizzy. (Adam Lovinus) Saturday, February 28

Taking Back Sunday The Observatory Tomorrow Taking Back Sunday will grace the stage at the Observatory. Unlike their retrospective jaunt two years ago in celebration of their classic 2002 album Tell All Your Friends, this is in honor of the re-release of their newest album, Happiness Is. Though many might view them through the lens of nostalgia, Taking Back Sunday is always looking forward. But regardless of release or packaging, Happiness Is is a solid record, all things considered. Taking Back Sunday have come a long way in this game, and their music reflects that. It's both contemporary and modern, while eschewing the experimental desires of their emo compatriots. Taking Back Sunday haven't made a "weird" record yet, but that's okay. It's partially the reason for their longevity. (Corey Deiterman)

Finch The Glass House Though it's been over a decade since Finch's landmark debut What It Is to Burn, fans definitely haven't forgotten about them. A history marred by breakups and lineup changes wasn't enough to keep the band from regrouping last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their first record. The reunion proved fruitful. Now, they're busy touring on their first new album in years, Return to Oblivion. Has your favorite post-hardcore band aged well in 2014? Come to the Observatory and find out. See them with Maps and Atlases and Weatherbox on Saturday.(Nate Jackson)

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