Combichrist--See Friday
Combichrist--See Friday

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Friday, October 17

Combichrist The Glass House Combichrist has been a favorite in the Industrial scene essentially since its inception in 2003. Like the sound track to a boot camp in hell, they serve up dizzying electronic foundations, pounding duel percussion and intensely violent lyrical themes. Your mom would definitely take this CD away if she found it (or if kids these days had any idea what a CD is). Expect some new tracks as well from their latest release, We Love You (released in March), and, of course, fan favorites like "This Shit Will Fuck You Up" and "Shut Up and Swallow." With William Control, Davey Suicide and Darksiderz as support, the bill is stacked like Raquel Welch. (Diamond Bodine-Fischer)

Saturday, October 18

Mastodon Fox Theater Pomona Over the past decade, Mastodon have firmly entrenched themselves as one of top prog metal outfits in the country. The Atlanta natives are known to take musical risks while challenging their listeners. Fans still rave about the group's widely praised first two records, popular due to intricate songwriting and specific lyrical concepts, but it's the quartet's more recent material that propelled Mastodon to commercial success. Released in June, Once More 'Round the Sun landed at No. 6 on the Billboard 200, their highest charting album to date. Though they've been quick to eschew the pigeonholing of their music strictly as metal--arguing there are also elements of prog rock and psych in their sound--Mastodon have accomplished the rare feat of exploring new musical territories while simultaneously attracting a wider, more mainstream audience. (Daniel Kohn)

Washed Out The Observatory Washed Out might be the most perfect band name ever. In two simple words, it captures the gist of Ernest Greene's music. Bright, explosive hues could have easily ruled his synth-driven pop, but he takes a different tack, toning down his songs by immersing them in liquidlike reverb. His sound is wrapped in a chewed-up, low-key feel that turns sunny melodies blurry and ambient. All those muted hues give it a sense of sleepy, distant nostalgia. Washed Out is such a fitting name, in fact, that if you added "pop" right after it, the phrase could be a good substitute for chill wave, the blog-bred subgenre Washed Out and contemporaries such as Neon Indian, Small Black, and Toro Y Moi have been linked to since late 2009. But whether or not it emerged as part of a trend, Greene's material is fascinating. (Reyan Ali) Vince Staples The Observatory Vince Staples isn't trying to be hard when he tells stories about his gangbanging past. He also doesn't care much for smoking weed, wearing bling, banging bitches or clearing out his bank account to make an Instagram video. Instead, Hell Can Wait -- the 21-year-old Long Beach emcee's anticipated debut Def Jam EP -- dropped this week as a "Fuck the Police" for the new generation. It's filled with all of the ballsy storytelling, truthful street depictions and silky poetic verse that has been missing from gangsta rap for over a decade. Watch him perform Saturday along with headliners Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era (Sarah Bennett)

Sunday, October 19

D.R.I. The Observatory D.R.I. is simply a band that has been imitated but never replicated, probably one of the most influential bands to emerge from the punk/metal/cross over scene, they practically created, especially with the popularity of such bands as Municipal Waste, and the thrash revival. Truly an inspiring, intense band, proving that extreme music be it punk, thrash metal or punk or any variation can act as a fountain of youth. (Alex Distefano)

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