The Bangles--See Friday
The Bangles--See Friday
Rebecca Wilson Studio

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The Bangles The Coach House The Bangles had a little bit of a renaissance in the fall of last year with their self-reissued Ladies And Gentlemen... The Bangles! compilation, which documents the too-long-obscure punk and paisley days that came way before anyone was walking like an Egyptian. Prior to the big hits and the major labels, the Bangles--nee the Bangs, until the same kind of lawsuit that turned Red Cross into Redd Kross--were an underground L.A. band attaching those same distinctive harmonies to bubblegummy '60s-style garage pop, until recently, unfortunately, confined to rare original EPs. Now, however, anyone can enjoy a legit download, and can I suggest here that Burger and Bangles team up for a vinyl issue of Ladies and Gentlemen...? Expect the songs you know at this show, but hope for some of the rarities, too. (Chris Ziegler)

The Deftones The Observatory Oh, Deftones. Any track from Adrenaline or Around the Fur instantly takes us back to those teenage summers in the '90s, riding in the back of a friend's Nissan Pathfinder, trying to get the older kids to buy us cigarettes. When Deftones debuted their 1995 breakout album, Adrenaline, they brought with them the next evolution in the sound of metal. By the time the group released 1999's White Pony, they were comfortably settled into metal royalty--and steady rotation in the multi-disc CD changer of every angsty kid in California. They've put out an album every few years since (unfortunately shelving Eros due to the tragic accident of bassist Chi Cheng), securing a solid fan base that has stuck with them unfailingly. (Erin DeWitt)

Saturday, May 9

Space Oddity-A Tribute to David Bowie Mozambiqe David Bowie, a.k.a. the Thin White Duke, has exhibited so many different fashion looks and musical styles throughout his decades-long career he's unquestionably known as something of a chameleon. Only one man has ever really succeeded in channeling Bowie's multiple personalities, and that's musician David Brighton. As Space Oddity, Brighton performs as Bowie throughout his various phases, from the eccentric, futuristic Ziggy Stardust to the "Modern Love"-era rock star--and damn if Brighton doesn't make for the ultimate Bowie doppelgänger. Not just visually, but musically, as Brighton and backing band nail Bowie's catalog to an amazing likeness. You too will want to see Brighton with your own eyes to believe his uncanny transformations from one Bowie to another as he sings just about all your favorite songs, and agree that as Bowie, Brighton makes the grade. (Aimee Murillo) Yellowcard The Observatory To those who wondered if Yellowcard still exist--they do, and they're currently on a cross-country tour before heading overseas this summer. The Northeast Florida pseudo-emo band, who dazzled screaming girls standing outside the TRL studio with such histrionic gems as "Ocean Avenue" and "Only One," are to be sandwiched amongst other pop-punk boosters such as All Time Low, Hey Monday and the Summer Set. Perhaps one of the most draw-worthy things about Yellowcard isn't their singer, who vaguely resembles a young Ryan Gosling, but rather their electric violin player, who's known for doing backflips off stage speakers. See them at the Observatory on Saturday with Finch and Downtown Fiction. (Brandon Ferguson)

Dipset The Observatory After the success of the first two volumes of Diplomatic Immunity (released in 2013 and 2014) and a hiatus due to artistic differences, the rollercoaster-like story of Harlem-based hip hop group Dipset ends on a happier note--with the group reunited and performing together once more. Even with such drawbacks (not to mention a flop with Interscope Records in 2013), the group has still been able to remain true to their original sound, juxtaposing hard rap over chill, repetitive riffs. Additionally, Dipset's recent tour is only an introduction to their comeback; in January, DJ Funkmaster Flex announced that Dipset will be creating a new mixtape with the DJ's backing--something to look forward to. (Kristine Hoang)

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