The Melvins headline the Indigo Festival--See Saturday
The Melvins headline the Indigo Festival--See Saturday
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The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Friday, January 30

Jungle Fire Segerstrom Center It's impossible to describe Jungle Fire without employing a lot of adjectives. The band/project (they describe themselves as both) sports nearly a dozen members: four drummers, two trombonists, two guitarists, a bassist and two baritone sax players who can also bust out flutes on short notice. Their music starts off with a base of Afrobeat and Cuban Pilόn, before pouring in some cumbia and slapping on a couple of breakbeats. Top all that off with some '70s funk and a tad of '60s psychedelia and you've maybe come close to describing the end result -- their debut LP, Tropicoso. This Friday, they take the stage with LA's funk/soul/afrobeat rejuvenators Orgone as part of the expansive Off Center Festival at the Segerstrom Center. (Paige Osburn)

Rocket from the Crypt Alex's Bar

Rocket from the Crypt is the greatest band in the world (yes, we know this sounds a little biased). Similarly, Rocket from the Crypt has been, since its inception in 1990, the greatest band in the world, was the greatest band in the world even when they took a hiatus from 2005-2013 (and when they took a hiatus from their hiatus for 2011's appearance of the children's television program Yo Gabba Gabba!) and will continue to be the greatest band in the world until the day all humans die and robot cockroaches take over. So of course their the ideal band to headline Alex's Bar's 15th anniversary that takes place Friday and Saturday. Friday's lineup features performances from the Creepy Creeps, Snake Arm and Death Hymn Number 9. (Ryan Ritchie)

Aiyun Huang: Wired Percussion UCI Winifred Smith Hall As part of UC Irvine's Gassmann Electronic series, internationally-acclaimed musician and percussionist Aiyun Huang teams up with music scholars Sean Griffin, Michael Dessen, and Christopher Dobrien for a mesmerizing, genre-defying performance of multimedia and instrumentals in a unique and captivating storytelling experience. Archived footage projected on a screen behind the performers serve as a visual and historical backdrop to illustrate the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse of 1940, but the musicians integrate themselves into the story as fictional characters with musical interludes, with Huang playing her "sculptural soundbox" as a moon goddess overseeing the event (she even appears in eight different outfits for the narrative). The work, entitled, "Tacoma Narrows Monochord," thus combines the surreal with the factual to depict this forgotten chapter of American history. (Aimee Murillo)

Saturday, January 31

Badfish--A Tribute to Sublime House of Blues Anaheim Considering Sublime is one of Southern California's most beloved homegrown bands, it's not too surprising that a tribute act from the East Coast is making its way to sunnier skies and sing-along crowds. Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime will take the stage to perform hits from the iconic ska-punk band's repertoire. While Badfish may have a tougher time impressing an audience whose allegiance lies with the original group (and their late singer, Bradley Nowell), Badfish has earned enough credibility and fans to sell out venues across the nation and to tour nationally nearly every year. And at the end of the day, who doesn't love rocking out to some of the greatest tracks the 90's had to offer? (Heidi Darby)

The Indigo Festival The Observatory Imagine nearly every facet of groovy, fuzzy, sludgy, mind-melting psychedelic rock crammed onto one stage for an entire weekend. Throw in a parking lot party and a PBR and you have the Observatory's two-day Indigo Music Festival, featuring the Melvins, Deafheaven, Blonde Redhead, Deerhoof and local faves like Dahga Bloom, Kiev and Thee Raincats. (Nate Jackson)

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