Xavier Rudd and the United Nations--See Sunday
Xavier Rudd and the United Nations--See Sunday

The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Friday, May 29

Neutral Milk Hotel The Observatory Before their reunion in 2013, few, if any Neutral Milk Hotel fans would have expected the band to have soldiered on in the fashion it has. After the initial hiatus began at the end of 1998, singer Jeff Mangum played live sparingly, giving me little hope that the group would ever get back together. Yet, over time, the indie rockers' profile grew to the point where they were April Ludgate's favorite band in Parks & Recreation and have been cited by bands like Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes and the Decemberists as a major influence. Touring with the band that recorded the seminal In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, if they're true to their word, this could be the last time to see one of the most important indie rock bands play live locally. (Daniel Kohn)

André Previn Segertrom Concert Hall He's the Joyce Carol Oates of music, this remarkable musician, composer, and conductor. The prolific and peripatetic André Previn's life of performance and creative engagement with nearly all genres is your best, easiest way in to an appreciation of a century of music by way of a thinking person's artist, as comfortable and able with Harold Arlen ballads and Doris Day as his own settings of novelist Toni Morrison's words to piano and voice in "Honey and Rue." The 86-year old maestro started in movie scores, then conquered musicals, jazz, classical, television, winning every award there is. And once upon a time Previn even directed the LA Phil. In three nights at the Segerstrom he'll perform his own selections, from work spanning a gorgeous career and, no kidding, a West Coast premiere while he's at it. (Andrew Tonkovich)

Saturday, May 30 Beneath the Buried (EP release show) Hogue Barmichael's Locally famous for creating crushing breakdowns and aggro metalcore mosh music, Beneath the Buried pair that raw aggression with a bit of a sensitive side. Meaning that they have a knack for turning the subject of a wounded heart or a bad breakup into a song that will destroy your eardrums beyond repair. In their latest video, "All of Me," they combined throat-shredding angst of a scorned lover with haunting blood-spattering gore, a naked girl, and a shit load of cellophane. The song itself may fit snuggly into the playlist of the average metalcore fan, chugging guitar riffs, blasting drum beats, a catchy melodic chorus and Beatty's demonic screams a la Atreyu. Join them on Saturday at Hogue's as they celebrate the release of their new EP, Casket Call with support from SIVA, Ninja Ghandi and Art of Decay. (Nate Jackson) Rocket From the Crypt The Observatory Rocket from the Crypt is the greatest band in the world (yes, we know this sounds a little biased). Similarly, Rocket from the Crypt has been, since its inception in 1990, the greatest band in the world, was the greatest band in the world even when they took a hiatus from 2005-2013 (and when they took a hiatus from their hiatus for 2011's appearance of the children's television program Yo Gabba Gabba!) and will continue to be the greatest band in the world until the day all humans die and robot cockroaches take over. See them at the Observatory with Dead Heavens. (Ryan Ritchie)

Sunday, May 31

Xavier Rudd The Coach House Australian-born performer Xavier Rudd takes the multi-instrumentalist label far beyond its usual connotation. In addition to creating music with his voice and an acoustic guitar, he employs didgeridoos, djembes, cymbals, stomp boxes and slide guitars. This is perhaps why Rudd's music is best experienced live and what has made him a Bonnaroo staple. On his current tour, Rudd is touring with the United Nations, an eight-piece international all-star band. (Susan Froyd)

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