Fu Manchu--See Saturday
Fu Manchu--See Saturday

The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Slaves Against the Machine Lido Live Seminal '90s band Rage Against the Machine were truly influential for their time, bringing an original set of leftist, revolutionary views that criticized corporate America and oppressive governmental structures through a fiery conglomeration of rap, punk, hip hop, and hardcore music not matched before or since. The group have since disbanded and reunited a few times for major concert festivals with little assurance that a full reunion will ever happen. Enter premier RATM tribute group Slaves Against The Machine, whose lead singer Michael Tadeo accomplishes the impossible and fully emulates the fiery stage presence of Rage singer Zach De La Rocha, while guitarist Masa Inga serves as frenetic analog to Rage's guitar master Tom Morello. Original Rage fans should flock to see this impressive LA act, ideally more times than once, as they kick off a savage performance best experienced live. (Aimee Murillo)

Ink-N-Iron Kustom Culture Festival The Queen Mary The annual Ink-N-Iron 72-hour occupation of the Queen Mary is a ritual of all-around frantic proportions, with a roster of more than 50 rock & roll bands and almost 300 working tattoo artists, plus vendors, art displays, magicians, pole dancers, a pin-up pageant, even a car show. Amongst the fray are some renowned performers, including venerable rockabilly empress Wanda Jackson, whose eye-popping wardrobe, provocative vocals, volcanic guitar and use of a mixed-race band in the mid-1950s qualify her as the most legit nonconformist you'll find aboard. Also appearing: wild Sun Records shouter Sonny Burgess; Los Angeles' clown princes of punk, The Dickies; and London's unstoppable malefactors U.K. Subs. (And that's just Friday.) Since 1976, Subs leader Charlie Harper has preached his untamed, fireball brand of punk rock with magnificent zeal, and his participation here -- especially because this is Ink-N-Iron's last hurrah in Long Beach before it moves to its new home in Nashville -- is not to be missed.

Also Saturday and Sunday, June 13 and 14. With Pennywise, Wanda Jackson, The Bouncing Souls, Sonny Burgess & the Legendary Pacers, U.K. Subs, The Dickies, D.on Darox & the Melody Joy Bakers. (Jonny Whiteside)

Joey Bad A$$ The Observatory With a debut album out and the attention of the Obama family (Malia's a fan!), it's no wonder Joey Bada$$ seeks "World Domination." That's the name of the New York-bred rapper's current tour promoting B4.DA.$$ (pronounced "Before Da Money"), which also features Denzel Curry and Mick Jenkins and hits the West Coast, Europe and Japan. Often compared to Nas, Bada$$'s conscious, lyric-centric, East Coast style is loved by both backpack hip-hop fans and new-to-rap college dudes looking to show off the enlightened rhymes they've memorized. While he didn't win BET's Rookie of the Year in 2013, he did woo us by performing "Chicken Curry" on Fallon, and has managed to turn viral WorldStarHipHop fame into a real career, which is pretty badass indeed. (Lina Abascal)

Saturday, June 12 Fu Manchu The Wayfarer It's been a 30-year run for Fu Manchu, and for those three decades the San Clemente-originated band has produced multiple takes on their stoner rock albums. Though their sound has inevitably evolved throughout their years, it still retains the psychedelic-tinged sound fans associated the band with. Whether it's their 1994 album No One Rides for Free or Gigantoid (which was produced twenty years later) you're popping into your CD player (because you're hip like that), heavy guitar riffs and bold drum beats remain steadfast (ah, consistency--very impressive). That being said, you'll be rocking out like crazy, so wear comfortable shoes! (Kristine Hoang) Sunday, June 13

Country Brews and BBQ Saint Rocke Banjos and cowboy hats are coming to Hermosa Beach for Saint Rocke's Country Brews and BBQ event--and as the name suggests, all with a side of beer and 'cue. 10 West will be performing live country music as craft beer flights and sweet, tangy barbecue chicken (among other Southern goods--whoo) will be making way to tables all around. If you'd rather not have everything all at once, you can go by tier: for $10, you can go in just for the music. $17 will get you three craft beer flights. $20? A three-course barbecue meal and admission. And $35 will get you a three-course barbecue meal, admission, and craft beer. (Kristine Hoang)

Jedi Mind Tricks The Observatory "I don't wanna deal with the darkness," Vinnie Paz raps on Jedi Mind Tricks' new album, The Thief and the Fallen. But he soon realizes that there's no escape from the social oppression and moral ambiguities that surround him in daily life. "When you pray for the rain, you gotta deal with the mud," he warns. "I don't rhyme over nothing if it don't sound sick," Paz continues, as musical partner Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind's dense blanket of harsh, aggressively unsentimental grooves envelops the Philly duo. The heaviness relents, but only a little, on "Fraudulent Cloth," as Stoupe backs Paz's fiery raps with a more languid R&B vibe, which is broken up by guest Eamon's soulful vocals. "What's the physiology of love? What's the physiology of pain?" Paz wonders, as Eamon adds an aching rejoinder, "Just waking up is a struggle today." (Falling James)

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