Big Talk--See Monday
Big Talk--See Monday

The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Friday, May 22

Fur Coat The Wayfarer For this latest WAVS installment of the Modern Disco Ambassadors residency at The Wayfarer, the dance party comes courtesy of Venezuelan EDM duo Fur Coat. And just as the name suggests, their music is a luxurious blend of electronica, techno, moody, atmospheric beats and sensual grooves that pronounce members Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine's creative synergy. Not to be eclipsed by one album's success, each new Fur Coat release exhibits their willingness to dive into new musical territory and ability to consistently provide solid, dance-worthy full lengths albums and remixes (how the hell do they find the time?). Having already caught the eye of underground dance music mags and blogs, they've earned respect among colleagues and fans from all across the globe. Welcome these Barcelona-based boys with open arms tonight. (Aimee Murillo)

Saturday, May 23

Romeo Santos Honda Center For more than a century, every generation of American women has had their Latin lover, their tanned man that provoked swooning and screaming and spontaneous chonis melting. Flappers had Rudolph Valentino; the Mad Men generation threw woo at Ricardo Montalbán. Ladies of the 1980s went crazy over Julio Iglesias, while their daughters went nuts for Enrique Iglesias and Antonio Banderas. That's a lot of hombre there. Yet the lot of them seem like chavalas when compared to the titan of testosterone that is Romeo Santos. None of the other smoldering señores sold out Yankee Stadium two nights in a row, as the 33-year-old did last year. Ninguno of the men re-defined a genre twice in the way of the self-proclaimed King of Bachata. Go to his concert this weekend, and marvel at all the 12s and 13s in the crowd. If you can't get lucky that night, gents, you'll never get lucky. And ladies? Prepare to get your chonis melted--you've been warned. (Gustavo Arellano)

Kiev Constellation Room Orange County's Kiev may be the most talented indie band in the land of citrus as well as outlying areas. Besides brandishing smoldering intensity on stage, they wield and unnatural talent with their respective instruments busting out hauntingly groovy art rock. Be sure to keep an eye on drummer Brandon Corn. You've probably never seen anyone play with so much finesse with their arms so awkwardly close to their body. Truly something to marvel at. See them perform with local favorites Glorious Wondour at the Constellation Room. (Brandon Ferguson) OCML Benefit Show Karman Bar Support local music while supporting the veterans this weekend at Orange County Music League's benefit show for Paralyzed Veterans of America. Among the lineup are Long Beach-based punk rock/surf band The Sly Digs and Aliso Viejo-based progressive rock band Ascent. The show is free (free entertainment? YES!), but of course donations are welcome. So discover a new band, have some drinks, and give some love to our deserving veterans.(Kristine Hoang)

Sunday, May 26

Viernes 13 The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen Long gone are the Skadangolandia glory days at the legendary JC Fandango in Anaheim, but Viernes 13 plays on! The South Gate-born band keeps a loyal following dedicated to their infectious mix of ska, surf and rockabilly. This infernal rag first profiled Viernes 13 (That's 'Friday the 13th' for all you monolingual folks) back in 2002. They kicked ass then with jams like "Johnny Pistolero" and "Gato Negro" and kick ass now as they continue to tear up stages across Southern California. Co-founder Mario Luna and band return to OC tonight with horns blaring and new album Thirteen Rules along for all to skank to with San Antonio's Piñata Protest sharing the stage. (Gabriel San Roman)

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Monday, May 25 Big Talk The Constellation Room

Do you like the Killers? Do you like spacey vaguely '80s-sounding poppy rock music? Good news, the drummer from the Killers (Ronnie Vannucci Jr.) and his side project, Big Talk, are at the Constellation Room on Monday. The duo hasn't been together since 2011, but with Brandon Flowers doing some solo work, Vannucci and Taylor Milne are back on the road (at least for a few shows). As always, Big Talk will perform live as a full five-piece band, and a follow-up to 2011's self-titled debut is expected out this year. Normally, Monday concerts would kind of suck, but Memorial Day is just an excuse to see an extra show. The Hills of Malibu are supporting them, and the show starts at 8p.m. (JC Chelser)

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