The Aquabats--See Friday
The Aquabats--See Friday
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The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Friday, July 11

The Aquabats House of Blues Anaheim After an extended absence, these Huntington Beach-natives return to the stage to celebrate their 20th anniversary and play a host of live shows. Aquabats spent the last few years collaborating on other projects, most notably The Aquabats! Super Show!, which follows around a fictionalized version of the group in their superhero glory, staving off villains and creatures trying to take over the world, all while pursuing their ambitions to become a world-famous rock band. It's taken up a lot of the band's time since 2012, thus the root of their sporadic tour schedule. And though the Aquabats are a little older and a lot wiser, that doesn't mean the quintet has lost any of their humor, nor the goofy names and music that made them popular in the first place. (Daniel Kohn)

The Offspring Pacific Amphitheatre What could be better than two of OC's most celebrated bands taking the stage on a hot summer day ripe for a mosh pit? This Friday, The Offspring headlines the Pacific Amphitheatre on the heels of the 20th anniversary of their break out album Smash alongside The Adolescents. Despite their heroic pasts, both bands refuse to slip in to the realm of nostalgia acts as they continue to forge ahead with new albums--mainstream record labels be damned (yes, technically The Offspring are an indie band again after finishing their contract with Colombia Records in 2012). And having the Adolescents, one of their major influences, opening for them outta put an extra bit of fire in their belly. (Nate Jackson)

Saturday, July 12

Vinnie and the Hooligans The Constellation Room Tonight's showcase at the Constellation Room is a little bit of country with the likes of The Curly Wolf and Wicklow Atwater, while Vinnie and The Hooligans provide a mighty rootsy Americana sound as the headliner for the evening. But we've always had a crush on one man band and local boy Dano Forte. Dano Forte's Juke Joint Freakshow has been a clever and fitting title for a musician whose style of music is still on the margins of public taste. This harmonica-drums-guitar player is one of the best in the land, playing up the best rhythm and blues tunes for the savage freak in you. And for those who aren't familiar will be converted into believers in no time. (Aimee Murillo) Guttermouth Gaslamp You probably wouldn't figure a band that sings songs about barbecues and fast food chicken restaurants to experience much longevity. But Orange County grown punk group Guttermouth sings about exactly those things and they've been doing it for more than 20 years. Go check out the hi octane punk group, famous for inviting fans to spit on them, and returning the favor with hilarious songs. Come see them play a rather awesome matinee show at Gaslamp on Saturday. You can stay for another local fave, reggae band Seedless, who performs later that evening. (Brandon Ferguson)

Sunday, July 13

Flume The Observatory It all started with a 13-year-old boy and a CD from the inside of a cereal box. Harley Edward Streten found his calling early in life, when on that fateful day on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, he began crafting music. Now at just 22, Streten, who goes by the moniker Flume now, travels the world, headlining shows and festivals, selling tens of thousands of tickets and topping charts as he goes. His latest album, Lockjaw, released last November, was co-written by fellow Australian electro musician Chet Faker--and if you have yet to hear anything from Flume, check out the duo's superb, loungy "Drop the Game" track, which comes with an equally excellent, minimalistic video.(Erin DeWitt)

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