The Pizza Underground--See Friday
The Pizza Underground--See Friday

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Friday, November 14

The Pizza Underground Constellation Room When the project was first presented on SoundCloud last year, people didn't know what to make of the Pizza Underground. Led by child star Macaulay Culkin, the group of quirky New Yorkers covers Velvet Underground songs--but with a twist. Reinterpreting VU classics is one thing, but what Culkin and Co. do is parody the tracks by using pizza-themed lyrics and song titles. While not everyone appreciates their comedy rock--they were booed off stage at a show in England earlier this year--the quintet is one of the most original mock groups to come along in quite a while. Also appearing tonight is singer/songwriter Har Mar Superstar, who, early in his career, was known for his own schtick of stripping down (literally) onstage. Today, Har Mar, an influential fixture in New York's indie scene, writes songs for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and the Cheetah Girls. (Daniel Kohn)

The Misfits House of Blues Anaheim Named after the gritty 1961 John Huston film that proved to be the final screen appearance for Marilyn Monroe, these godfathers of horror punk have been blending together slash and cinema since 1977. Currently composed of original member Jerry Only, former Black Flag guitarist Dez Cadena and drummer Eric "Chupacabra" Arce, the modern Misfits' 2011 release, The Devil's Rain, features their legendary filmic references, including nods to The Ghost of Frankenstein and The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, among other, sometimes literary, targets. Slip into your skeleton suit and thrash as they take the stage this weekend with local punk legends D.I. (SR Davies)

Saturday, November 15

New Kingston The Constellation Room Traveling all the way from Brooklyn, New York comes three brothers and their father all sharing the passion to spread a positive message through music. Better known as New Kingston, the reggae-influenced family quartet is bringing their Kingston City Tour to The Constellation Room in Santa Ana this Saturday. Joining them for their string of shows along the west coast will be Los Angeles County's True Press and Iya Terra. (David Garcia) Nick Carter & Jordan Knight House of Blues Anaheim Eventually the boy band nostalgia tours had to dry out--but from the ashes of the Back Street Boys/New Kids on the Block tour (called BSBNKOTB or something), Jordan Knight and Nick Carter struck a chord. As it turns out, the two former heartthrobs had been composing music together for quite some time--they met back in the '90s on Lou Perlman's yacht and immediately hit it off. Now, the duo are Nick & Knight, writing entirely new music and taking their act on tour, tonight stopping by the House of Blues. Their debut single, "Just the Two of Us," sounds, well, a lot like the boy band pop that made them famous, so for die-hard fans who never thought they'd hear new music from their tweenage dreamboats, here's your chance. (Erin DeWitt)

Well Hung Heart Slidebar If you believe that rock and roll can save your soul, you have to believe that super talented duo Well Hung Heart are your ticket to salvation. With her sultry, yet edgy vocals, Greta Valenti lifts you up while their bluesy, punk stylings craft an all around energetic fury. While their OC Music Awards showcase night is a couple weeks away, why wait to check out this authentic, badass band? Check out them out tonight at Slidebar with Jeramiah Red and Wood. (Aimee Murillo)

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