Bella Novella--See Saturday
Bella Novella--See Saturday

The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Friday, February 13

Brian McKnight City National Grove of Anaheim Some of us over here at the Weekly have been fans of Brian McKnight since he burst onto the scene in 1992. And with an upcoming show at City National Grove of Anaheim on February 13th, we knew there'd be zero chance that we'd be passing up the opportunity to see him 20+ years later. "BMK" has had quite a solid career with countless albums and Grammy noms under his belt so it's be wise to grab some extra Valentine's Day brownie points by scoring tickets for your sweetie to see this soulful crooner live and up-close. (Ali Lerman)

Trash Talk The Constellation Room Any punk band worth their weight in bruises always has one common denominator: a batshit crazy frontman. And Trash Talk's Lee Spielman ranks up there with the best. Signed to Odd Future Records, the hardcore punk band has become infamous for their ridiculous, chaotic live shows. This Friday, they look forward to wrecking the Constellation Room alongside young, NYC indie rap outfit Ratking. (Zach Bourque)

Cro Mags Alex's Bar Another staple band in the original NYC hardcore punk movement in the '80s, Cro Mags were born and raised on the streets and have street credibility, fury and aggression that defines Crossover. Formed when the band were still teenage gutter punks, the band's 1986 album, Age of Quarrel is considered by many to be a blueprint for all Crossover, thrash punk bands to follow. Although the band's original members have had a hostile, sour relationship, including a 2012 incident where founding member bassist Harley Flanagan stabbed several people and was injured himself at a concert the band was playing, with vocalist John Joseph. Despite the controversy, and ostensible bad blood, the Cro Mags still make music and tour. See them at Alex's Bar with Take Offense, New Brigade, The Eulogy, and Dissension. (Alex Distefano) Saturday, February 14

Enjambre The Constellation Room Seven years ago, Enjambre, a Latin Alternative band founded in OC, left for Mexico City in search of their musical dreams. It was a risky move, but one that ultimately paid off as they've encountered greater success in a vibrant scene. Ever since their departure, though, the band has always mused about returning to play cities across the United States, but especially in OC. See them return once again for a show at the Constellation Room. (Gabriel San Roman)

Bella Novella The Prospector Telemetry, the third record by Long Beach power trio Bella Novela, is a three-part concept record that clocks in at exactly 33 minutes, with each part having three songs. The sound is pure classic rock--think if Gwen Stefani fronted Blue Oyster Cult. Stuff that Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar would dig. They toe the line of being too technical to be cool, but who gives a fuck about being cool when you can play like that? They're playing at their old stomping grounds, The Prospector, on Saturday with Kittygato and Rats in the Louvre. (Adam Lovinus)

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