Nick Waterhouse--See Saturday
Nick Waterhouse--See Saturday

The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Friday, January 23

Periphery Yost Theater In this world, bands were using the colors and sounds of death metal to make music so simple, so calculated, so generic, and ultimately so sterile that it felt like progress was impossible without a real return to the past. Thankfully, Periphery has become the standard-bearer for the new voice of progression in extremely heavy music. Now surrounded by watered-down copycats masturbating away on low notes, Periphery continues to be the first band to make the next statement for a genre eating its own tail. See them perform at the Yost on fFriday with Nothing More, Wovenwar and Thank You Scientist(David Von Bader)

Los Lobos The Coach House It's hard to believe this East Los Angeles-based Chicano rock outfit just celebrated their 40th anniversary. In 2013, Los Lobos released its 20th record with Disconnected in New York City (and fourth live album), showcasing the band's masterful acoustic chops. And while that disc may not do justice to David Hidalgo's salacious guitar solos, it does demonstrate their rhythmic prowess, often lost in the musical undertow. One thing is for certain, however, at a time when many of their contemporaries have fallen by the wayside, the Grammy-winning group is still churning out music that's not only well-received, but also exhibits an inimitable wisdom. (Daniel Kohn)

Saturday, January 24

Space Oddity: A Tribute to David Bowie Mozambique David Bowie, a.k.a. the Thin White Duke, has exhibited so many different fashion looks and musical styles throughout his decades-long career he's unquestionably known as something of a chameleon. Only one man has ever really succeeded in channeling Bowie's multiple personalities, and that's musician David Brighton. As Space Oddity, Brighton performs as Bowie throughout his various phases, from the eccentric, futuristic Ziggy Stardust to the "Modern Love"-era rock star--and damn if Brighton doesn't make for the ultimate Bowie doppelgänger. Not just visually, but musically, as Brighton and backing band nail Bowie's catalog to an amazing likeness. You too will want to see Brighton with your own eyes to believe his uncanny transformations from one Bowie to another as he sings just about all your favorite songs, and agree that as Bowie, Brighton makes the grade. (Aimee Murillo) Nick Waterhouse Segerstrom Center Nick Waterhouse takes listeners on an exciting sonic journey back in time. His musical bread and butter hearkens back to the '50s when rock & roll was actually considered dangerous. He excels at bringing those sound elements to listeners once again with his rattling Bo Diddley beats and chunky saxophones. See him for free on Saturday during the Off Center festival at the Segerstrom Center. (Brandon Ferguson)

Pop Noir La Cave Though they're Los Angeles-based, indie dance outfit Pop Noir hail from the UK (doesn't it always go down like that?). Though anyone who knows the talented twins Luke and Joe McGarry know that they perfected their chops in OC. And though they're an indie dance outfit, one shouldn't expect to hear funkified, dance floor-shredding jams a la !!!. Their sound is simmering and sexy, which no doubt makes them a hit with the ladies, and the boys that come along for the ride. For this weekend's show at La Cave, the band will be playing 2 sets-- one all original and one all covers. (Brandon Ferguson)

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