The Parrots--See Monday
The Parrots--See Monday

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Monday, March 30

The Parrots Flyway at the Fox Theater Soon to be on the top of modern garage rock enthusiasts' lists of best groups to see live are Madrid's The Parrots. This trio of rabble-rousers serve jangly guitar-soaked lo-fi rock n' roll that seems at times a cross between Back From the Grave-era '60s rock and Peruvian punk group Los Saicos. Joining them tonight are San Gabriel Valley four-piece Pool Honeys who, despite the name, are not a band formed of four buxom pin-ups who spend their time by the pool, but instead a black metal-punk-garage combo. Their lethal 2014 release Sultans of Swat features a potent combination of the aforementioned genres, with some strains of surf rock, psychedelia and blues that make for an altogether solid mixture of sounds. (Aimee Murillo)

Tuesday, March 31

Mark Sultan The Continental Room Though classified as Canadian garage punk, Mark Sultan's music is a refreshing melting pot of past eras and sounds: Black Sabbath, 60s pop rock, free jazz, and even country - all tied together with garage punk. The result is a slightly remixed version of 60s pop similar to the Beach Boys (hello, echo-y vocals and gentle harmonies), but with the folk rock elements of Cat Stevens (blame the frequent appearance of the xylophone.) With "aahhhs" and "bap bap bap!" sung in between phrases and a couple bright guitar riffs added on, new listeners may have to do a quick Wikipedia search to see whether Mark Sultan was part of the Woodstock era or not. That said, Mark Sultan's music is not for purists. Rather, it's for the listener who already frequently passes through time, switching from Led Zeppelin to Blink 182 with just the click of a play button. (Kristine Hoang)

Wednesday, April 1

Skizzy Mars The Constellation Room Since Skizzy Mars hit the scene with his debut songs "Douchebag" and "Profound," it was clear the hip-hop he produced was non-traditional, to say the least. Known for sampling indie rock songs and producing left-of-center rap, his influences go beyond artists like Kanye West and include Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) and Brandon Flowers (The Killers). In fact, he attributes the pop elements of his catchy choruses to Gibbard and Flowers, which juxtapose harmoniously with his songs' synth elements and upbeat drum combos (it's like being at an acoustic open mic and Vegas club at once - in other words, weird but cool.) In his latest EP, The Red Balloon Project (2015), the seven tracks he showcases further validates his knack for melodic hooks and the uniqueness of his signature sound. (Kristine Hoang) Thursday, April 2

Pizza Time Alex's Bar You wouldn't know it by the name, but Pizza Time are a rather upbeat, danceable duo from Denver that serve slices of catchy garage punk songs, clearly capitalizing on this generation's passion for the hot, cheesy dish. But frontman and songwriter David Castillo knows how far to take his pizza-inspired puns to not risk making his group a novelty act and writes songs (both in English and Spanish) about the usual love-sick emotions and self-consciousness punk songs usually express. For fans of lo-fi punk weirdo Nobunny, Spanish punk, and, of course, pizza, we promise there's something about Pizza Time you'll want to sink your teeth into... and you might even want seconds. (Aimee Murillo)

Friday, April 3

The Aquabats House of Blues Anaheim The Aquabats spent the last few years collaborating on other projects, most notably The Aquabats! Super Show!, which follows around a fictionalized version of the group in their superhero glory, staving off villains and creatures trying to take over the world, all while pursuing their ambitions to become a world-famous rock band. It's taken up a lot of the band's time since 2012, thus the root of their sporadic tour schedule. And though the Aquabats are a little older and a lot wiser, that doesn't mean the quintet has lost any of their humor, nor the goofy names and music that made them popular in the first place. (Daniel Kohn)

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