The Ravonettes--See Tuesday
The Ravonettes--See Tuesday

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Monday September 22 Interpol Fox Theater Pomona NYC group Interpol are indie rock darlings who have at this point weathered the hardships of interpersonal creative differences, grinding tour schedules and a band hiatus in their ten-plus years of existence. Now the group is finally back on tour celebrating the release of their fifth studio album El Pintor (Matador Records). Spanish for "the painter," El Pintor paints much of the same resonance of their earlier albums, despite the absence of bassist Carlos Dengler. Now as a trio, Interpol continue to draw critics and fans in with their darkly atmospheric indie rock sound, while still instilling a dance-friendliness to keep spirits up. Catch their return to Fox Theater Pomona tonight with supporting act Rey Pila. (Aimee Murillo)

Tuesday, September 23

The Ravonettes The Observatory Theres so much going on in a Raveonettes song. Although you can often categorize the Danish duo (Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo) as 'electro pop,' there are so many other elements in their music that simultaneously work together to create an infectiously danceable jam. There's Wagner's and Foo's electric guitar playing that alternate between surf, garage, and lo-fi styles, yet pegged with a drone-y edge that gives off a shoegaze sound. Then there's the soft vocal harmonies reminiscent of '60's girl groups that serve as a lynchpin for all the instrumental elements. And then, there's the notable electro elements that give their songs their driving beat. Come out and hear for yourself tonight at The Observatory for their one-night engagement and rave on. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, September 24 King Tuff Fingerprints King Tuff's first LP, Was Dead, was an absolute smasher out of nowhere in the spring of 2008--glammy power pop with hook after after effortless hook and plenty of personality, from a guy who'd drive his mean green Chevrolet to a graveyard to do his dreamin'. Now he's just about to release his third LP, Black Moon Spell, on Sub Pop and it too is a smasher, a T. Rex-via-Cheap Trick tour de freak (and there's probably some Dictators in there, too) with songs about adorably disgusting lovers and what happens when you're batshit insane. Hint: it's satisfying! Tuff is in fine form here, and the production by longtime collaborator Bobby Harlow really sets this thing on fire. Get ready to get ugly when the King does his thing--and make sure to RSVP to this show so you don't get stuck outside the castle. (Chris Ziegler) The Kooks The Observatory Having played an assortment of festivals and such for the better part of the summer, The Kooks are set to kickoff their fall headlining tour in Santa Ana. Formed in 2002 after meeting at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, the band honed their craft in their native England while simultaneously rising through Europe's indie pop scene. Recently, the group released their fourth studio effort, Listen, marking a significant departure from their trademark sound and what their fans were accustomed to. Working with a new drummer and producer whose roots are in hip-hop and dance music, The Kooks' new style is an ambitious step forward. How audiences will react to the new sound is yet to be determined, what hasn't changed, though, is the band's dynamic live show, which, after years of performing, is top notch. (Daniel Kohn)

Friday, September 26

French Vanilla Can U Not Vintage Los Angeles four piece French Vanilla have exhibited a growing fan base, due in part to their output of frenetic post-punk jams- although limited- but what exists now on the interwebs is enough to sate your curiosity and inspire you to see them live. Reminiscent of '80s groups like The Slits, The Raincoats, and Talking Heads, their style of music doesn't skimp out on the bass and throws in a wild saxophone that rages outrageously in your eardrums. Lead singer Sally Spitz fully exhibits the vocals and swag to awaken your inner dancing demon to its full capacity. You certainly don't want to miss their set tonight at Can U Not Vintage in Santa Ana; they'll play alongside other great bands Palm Reader, Kids, Ghost Noise, and Melted. See you there! (Aimee Murillo)

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