Fartbarf--See Thursday
Fartbarf--See Thursday

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Monday, April 27

Lil Boosie The Observatory For many, serving five years in prison would stifle one's creativity, but not everyone is Lil Boosie. Though he was in a Louisiana jail from 2009-2014, the Baton Rouge-bred rapper managed to write over 500 songs and confidently stated he made the best music of his career. The rapper's strong work ethic, which saw him release five studio albums along with a number of mixtapes and compilations, won him fans within the tightly-knit rap community. Since he was released last year, Boosie' s popularity grew exponentially as he collaborated with the likes of 2 Chainz, DJ Mustard, T.I. and Young Jeezy. With an eagerly anticipated sixth record on the horizon, Boosie is on the verge of the last thing that's eluded him and seemed improbable a few years ago: commercial success. (Daniel Kohn)

Tuesday, April 28

Future Thieves Slidebar Though the band has only been writing and playing music for a couple of years, Future Thieves' self-titled EP is indicative of their ability to melt indie, blues, and classic rock into a cohesive sound. With lead singer Elliot Collett's raspy voice and Austin McCool's guitar soloing leading the melodies, the EP seems to be a respectful nod to the band's Nashville roots. For a modern touch, the band also incorporates pop structures into their songs (see "Liar" and "Out in the Night"), leaving listeners with good bridges and catchy choruses - perfect for singing along. If you're a fan of good storytelling and cool, Americana vibes, Future Thieves -- a band that never leaves those two things out of their music - is one to watch. (Kristine Hoang)

Wednesday, April 29

The Soft Moon The Constellation Room Luis Vasquez is back with a new Soft Moon album, recorded at the appropriately-named studio Hate in Italy. And whether it was the location, the atmosphere or simply a bolt of inspiration, the month-old Deeper is one of his sharpest releases yet. At heart, Deeper still has Soft Moon's characteristic darkness, and the same bleak outlook that brought to hideous life the heaviest songs from the Cure, Depeche Mode and Bauhaus, as well as subterranean efforts from a host of early '80s Euro minimal wavers. But Vasquez has developed a better sense of balance now, and Deeper somehow inhabits a tiny space between melody and desolation that you might have forgotten existed. This is rarely explored territory, and he's a brave man to go into that night alone--but then again, that's surely where he feels most at home. (Chris Ziegler) Thursday, April 30

Fartbarf Federal Bar Say what you will about their band name, but Fartbarf's music, commonly attributed as synth-pop akin to '80s punk New Wavers Devo, is too good to ignore. Same goes for their striking stage costumes, which consist of matching space onesies and caveman masks; one look and you might be tempted to walk away, but one listen and you'll be compelled to stay and dance. Fartbarf have remained in the local radar for some time now, just coming off a weekly residency at the Continental Room. But in case you've been living under a rock (or a cave) they'll be performing tonight at the Federal Bar with Bearwulf and The Thingz. Come join in the spirited dance party they have in store, which is nowhere near 'primitive.' (Aimee Murillo)

The Story So Far The Observatory The Story So Far started with five kids living in Walnut Creek, CA. They had just gotten out of middle school and, influenced by Blink 182 and Green Day, decided to start a pop punk revival band. The result? Several EPs and three full-length albums--all focused on themes of falling in love, mending a broken heart, and celebrating personal victories. These themes, of course, are classically pop punk, as with the band's sound where supercharged riffs command audiences to belt along and bounce. As you can imagine, The Story So Far's shows are hyper-energetic and sweaty as hell, so don't forget to wear comfortable shoes. (Kristine Hoang)

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