Inspector--See Thursday
Inspector--See Thursday

The Best Concerts in OC This Week

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Tuesday, December 2

De La Soul House of Blues Anaheim De La Soul's anniversary show is a celebration of their debut 1989 album 3 Feet High And Rising, which is seen as a major contribution to the development of alternative hip-hop, with its focus on diverse sampling, and promotion of unity and goodwill. While the album is De La Soul's largest commercial success, the group continued to release projects that were acclaimed by critics. This past Valentine's Day, De La Soul made their entire catalog, pre-The Grind Date, available for free download. They have a few new projects in the works, including a new album You're Welcome, a mixtape Smell the D.A.I.S.Y., and a new EP Premium Soul on the Rocks. (Tara Mahadevan)

Chris Isaak The Coach House For his most recent studio effort, Chris Isaak went back to his roots, and that's not a crack about his famous haircut, which will live on as long as David Lynch films exist on a playable digital format. Instead, he used 2011's Beyond the Sun album to go back--literally and metaphorically--to Memphis' storied Sun Records, where he recorded a series of reverent covers of rock's fundamental songs. It's an interesting listen, one that shows off Isaak's unique kind of versatility. Somehow, he's able to turn in credible vocal impressions of Elvis, Jerry Lee and even Johnny Cash, while still sounding like himself. Expect a similar level of taste and selection on this holiday tour, and plenty of selections from that '04 Christmas album he did, too. (Chris Ziegler)

Ska Parade The Slidebar Now that radio personality Tazy Phyllipz has created a firm niche for OC's contingent of horn-loving ska heads, the Ska Parade Lounge is gradually expanding its reach to bring great bands from all over SoCal (and throughout the US) to Slidebar, essentially rip. This week is a special one in celebration of Phyllipz' birthday, featuring Papafish, Oceanside Sound System, Eve of Destruction and Alarma. (Nate Jackson)

Wednesday, December 3

Plugged Into Local The Wayfarer We realize the holidays are creeping up, and soon it'll be time to defrost the turkey, chop down evergreens, and plug in an ungodly amount of festive lights. Of course, we at Heard Mentality would rather just watch a bunch of cool bands plug in their instruments and play a show. Since we're in such a giving mood these days, we're fired up about bringing back our free music series, Plugged Into Local. Locals Only column alumni's and rising stars Tapioca and the Flea are headlining the show. You may have noticed the dancey, electro rock outfit are getting plenty of traction in the music world lately, opening for marquee indie acts or garnering enviable amounts of radio play. And we even dug 'em enough to call them OC's Best New Band this year. We're psyched to have them along with the imaginative indie rock from our faves The Gromble and the engulfing, electro pop of Glorious Wondour. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the music starts at 8 p.m. Free admission with the donation of an unwrapped toy. (Nate Jackson)

Inspector The Constellation Room Hailing from Mexico is Inspector. A Latin vocal ska outfit with crisp upbeat guitar based sound and hooks a plenty. Dig their version of Madness's "Our House," a hybridized version of the classic jam sung in Spanish and English. This year, they released their seventh album, Inspección Retroacústica. On Thursday, band plays a special show at the Constellation Room in honor of their 19th Anniversary as a band. (Brandon Ferguson)

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