Tyga--See Monday
Tyga--See Monday

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Monday, March 9

Tyga The Observatory Over the past few weeks, Tyga has made more headlines for his behavior off-stage than on it. The 25-year-old rapper is allegedly linked romantically with Kylie Jenner and the rumors swirling around them have reached a fever pitch. Despite the allegations in his personal life, what can't be denied is that the "Rack City" rapper has had one of the more colorful journeys in rap over the past few years. His fourth album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, saw him leave label Cash Money to release it independently. The album was executive produced by pal Kanye West and is straightforward rap, at least compared to his earlier commercial material. With a career that's as interesting as his personal life, don't be surprised if Tyga is energized by the chance to put aside all the tabloids and focus on playing music. (Daniel Kohn)

Tim Gray and the Delusions The Wayfarer One of the most captivating turns of phrase in Tim Gray's latest release, "Train Wreck," is found in its chorus: "God gave you the grace of a train wreck." And God graced us with Gray's voice. For the now-defunct, greatly missed local band Charles Mansion, the guitarist/vocalist delivered the melodic antithesis to Corey Kaiser's charmingly caustic voice. Now Gray's back with beautiful songs filled with insightful lyrics that explore the familiar themes of heartbreak, loss and despair, each carried by Gray's unmistakeable croon. His newly formed band Tim Gray & the Delusions (featuring Corey and Jason Kaiser, plus Ryan Bartholemy) are sure to bring him to the next level in the coming year. Watch them kick off their free March residency at the Wayfarer on Monday. (Taylor Hamby)

Tuesday, March 10

Big City Hillbillies Original Mike's Bring out the cowboy hats and boots, because local OC performers Big City Hillbillies will be playing country music at Original Mike's. Get ready to dance to songs with catchy, pop-influenced choruses while enjoying the emotional lyrics of the band's heavier country songs. If one thing's for certain, it's that this show is more on the up-tempo side, with drum beats so fast you'll find it hard to resist tapping your foot. With multiple band members often times singing in unison, it's also easy to openly sing along if you know the song. (Kristine Hoang) Wednesday, March 11

Feels The Wayfarer If you've never listened to the music of Feels or witnessed them perform at a live show, we envy you. Because to discover them for the first time is kind of like tasting bright candy or seeing your favorite movie for the first time: your senses are invigorated with something exciting and new. This East LA combo have completely wowed audiences with their lo-fi punk rock and garage music, flaunted by a swaggering stage presence and vocal resonance by lead singer Laena Geronimo. There's a range of musical styles that inform the depth of their music as a whole-- from progressive to pop to folk-- so you can expect Feels to transcend beyond punk limitations and just dive into something totally different song by song. Their show tonight at The Wayfarer is an early stop on their south west tour where they'll introduce unsuspecting new fans with their tunes. Those lucky, lucky ducks. (Aimee Murillo)

Thursday, March 12

Seven Lions Sutra Santa Barbara-based producer Jeff Montalvo, aka Seven Lions, has unleashed a steady stream of trance, dubstep and pop-laced electronica since his debut EP Polarize, and he hasn't slowed down since. Following his 2012 release, he made the Beatport charts with four #1 tracks, and impressed mega DJ Skrillex with his demos, leading him to sign him on his persoanl label OWSLA. The artist's latest album The Throes of Winter exhibit his willingness to expand beyond EDM's margins and delve into soft intros that lead to satisfying beat drops, like the Ellie Goulding-featuring hit "Don't Leave." In such a short time in his career, Seven Lions has also traveled through the biggest world-wide electronic music festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Camp Bisco, TomorrowWorld, and more, so it's high time he visit us in our backyard of Costa Mesa to let loose for the evening. (Aimee Murillo)

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