Willie Nelson & Family--See Tuesday
Willie Nelson & Family--See Tuesday
Andrew Youssef

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Monday, January 5

The Devious Means The Wayfarer Indie-rock darlings The Devious Means carved out a niche in Orange County's sonic ecosystem with smart, accessible songwriting that showcases crafty lyrics and more hooks than a fly-fishing competition. On the heels of their first full-length album, Other Animals, released in September, the band rock the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa all January long during their Monday night residency. Catch them this week with support from JAG SUN and Moxi. (Kyle Cavaness)

Tuesday, January 6

Willie Nelson & Family City National Grove of Anaheim At an age when many of his peers are either long retired or dead, Willie Nelson keeps on chooglin'. The 81-year-old remains one of country's most enduring faces, and at this point in his career, he's moved well into iconic status. He's teamed up with Snoop Dogg and also covered Pearl Jam--and last year, Nelson released Band of Brothers, a record that featured the most original songs he's written for an album since 1996. The result was favorable both critically and commercially, with the album landing atop country charts for the first time since 1986's The Promiseland. The record proved that even as his age climbs, Nelson's voice, lyrics and creativity remain as sharp as ever. Fortunately for his legions of fans, the outlaw country veteran shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. (Daniel Kohn)

Wednesday, January 7

King Tuff The Constellation Room King Tuff's first LP, Was Dead, was an absolute smasher out of nowhere in the spring of 2008--glammy power pop with hook after after effortless hook and plenty of personality, from a guy who'd drive his mean green Chevrolet to a graveyard to do his dreamin'. Now he's just about to release his third LP, Black Moon Spell, on Sub Pop and it too is a smasher, a T. Rex-via-Cheap Trick tour de freak (and there's probably some Dictators in there, too) with songs about adorably disgusting lovers and what happens when you're batshit insane. Hint: it's satisfying! Tuff is in fine form here, and the production by longtime collaborator Bobby Harlow really sets this thing on fire. Get ready to get ugly when the King does his thing--and make sure to RSVP to this show so you don't get stuck outside the castle. (Chris Ziegler) KRS-ONE The Observatory From North to South, East to West, hip-hop has managed to produce a lengthy canon of venerable MCs. But even among the kings of the genre, the passionate, lyrical wisdom of KRS-ONE puts him in a class by himself. His transition from artist to icon spans over two decades, a slue of albums and published works that represent his complex perspective on every element of hip hop's anatomy. This Wednesday, "The Techa" returns to OC for a lengthy rhyme session at a mere $5 a head! It's nice to know that a legend is never too busy to stop by and get cerebral on your ass for an affordable price. (Nate Jackson)

Friday, January 9

Ozomatli House of Blues The 10 members of Ozomatli have one central characteristic in common: They're all from Los Angeles. From there, their musical paths diverge as the individual tastes, ethnicities and approaches to creation reveal themselves, only to converge again on the backside of the circle as they gather to make music. Granted, in any group so large you're bound to find variety, but seldom do these tastes coalesce in such an imaginative fashion -- an amalgam of salsa, funk, hip-hop, reggae and jazz. Watch the legendary band perform this week at the House of Blues in Anaheim. (Randall Roberts)

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