How to Dress Well--See Thursday
How to Dress Well--See Thursday

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Monday, February 23

Darwen's Theory The Doll Hut At this distinguished punk venue, heavy metal reigns supreme at the weekly musical ritual known as Metal Mondays. On the bill tonight are Hereticide from Los Angeles, who combine their American metal sensibilities with death metal that takes harmonies from the Scandinavian/European death metal scene, referencing volatile history and pagan mythology in their lyrics. Fracture play straight-up, un-filtered metal, while Hessian Wolf Children combine grind core, thrash and heavy metal via their latest EP Hessian Aggression. Also scheduled to appear are LA's own Darwen's Theory, rounding out this evening full of aspiring groups destined to leave a lasting impression on local metal fanatics. (Aimee Murillo)

Tuesday, February 24

Le Grand Bar Savannah Steak and Chop House Le Grand Barr is a regular at Savannah Steak & Chop House, contributing his jazzy piano-playing to the restaurant's ambiance. When he's not playing here, he's writing jazz and R&B tunes - some of which nod to the sounds of the '80s. So come, enjoy some prime rib sliders, and listen to the man play his soul out. Tip: If you know someone whose birthday is on Tuesday, Le Grand Barr will be happy to serenade them as he's known to do. (Kristine Hoang)

Wednesday, February 25

MOVE Fingerprints When it comes to The Beatles, George Harrison is arguably the sexiest and most talented. Before you go hating on us, consider Harrison's 1970 solo album All Things Must Pass which stands out as the best solo effort of any of the iconic quartet's members. In recognition of this fact, Long Beach band MOVE will conduct a full-band performance-- featuring vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and horns-- of Harrison's masterpiece in its entirety on George's birthday, February 25th at Fingerprints Music. Admission is free and everyone is welcome so bring your best vibes and enjoy this one-of-a-kind tribute to a musical legend. (Amanda Parsons) Thursday, February 26 How to Dress Well The Observatory Over the past five years, Tom Krell has evolved from giving away free EPs on his website to being a respected ambient singer-songwriters. His project, How to Dress Well, may conjure up images of a sharp-dressed man, but what Krell has instead is a luscious deconstruction of traditional R&B. While he's weary of being pigeonholed as solely PBR&B, Krell's lyrics showcase a blossoming songwriter whose sense of self and confidence has grown incrementally since those early years. His recent album, 2014's What is This Heart? has been universally lauded and is his highest selling album to date. Widely praised, How to Dress Well is a rarity; he challenges his listeners by pushing musical boundaries, yet retains the sensibilities that plaudits him in the first place. (Daniel Kohn)

Friday, February 27

Flight Facilities The Observatory For Australian electronic duo Flight Facilities (Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell), their breakout hit, "Crave You" featuring Giselle Rosselli was only the tip of the sonic iceberg. Collaborating with big names such as Reggie Watts, Kylie Minogue and Owl Eyes has afforded the two with fresh perspectives on keeping their sound innovative and inspired, while maintaining their own unique brand of disco/house/pop that has rocketed them to prominence in only four years. These days, the music scene is richer for having Flight Facilities in it, and as modern dance music gets larger and larger with newer subgenres to work with, it will be a blast to see where these guys take it from here. But for tonight, you can seize the chance to enjoy them live as they land at The Observatory while they tour through the wild blue yonder. (Aimee Murillo)

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