Lake Street Dive--See Wednesday
Lake Street Dive--See Wednesday

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Monday, August 18

The Courtney John Project Harvelle's And now for something completely different--musician Courtney John brings his wild, weird mix of island beats, Kingston-style remixes, and eccentric electronica to Long Beach's underground music spot, Harvelle's. For his collaboration project, John, an award-winning songwriter, treats his audiences to a truly unique live music experience. For each show, John invites a different artist to perform with him, some well-known and some up-and-coming, ensuring no two concerts are alike. You know what they are like, though? Reggae on mushrooms. And a whole lotta weed. Not that that's a bad thing. Come out to Harvelle's tonight for what will surely be the trippiest night you'll have all week. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, August 19

Half Goon The Continental Room Half Goon's Taco Tuesday residency at the Continental Room this month continues, and those who have seen Half Goon play live can attest to the raw energy that erupts from vocalist Adam Sepulveda, who is known to let loose onstage during performances. But don't let that take away from the rest of the group's musical tenacity; as a whole, Half Goon have released some solid music that combines punk, post-punk and hardcore, while others have noted an influence of shoegaze in the mix. If you haven't seen Half Goon play yet, what are you waiting for? Tonight they play Continental Room with Girl Tears, Audacity, and No Parents. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, August 20

Lake Street Dive The Observatory Earlier this year, Boston's Lake Street Dive were pegged as one of the bands to watch, and with good reason. The group's melding of breezy indie pop, jazz and soul has won them legions of fans, and their current tour in support of February's Bad Self Portraits, their third studio effort, demonstrates the strength of their songwriting prowess. This extensive tour run sees the group playing their biggest rooms to date, and as their crowds grow, so does their popularity--Lake Street Drive has sold out nearly all of their show dates (so get tickets to tonight's show now, if you haven't already). With appearances on programs varying from The Colbert Report to The Late Show With David Letterman and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lake Street Drive appeals to a wide range of fans, which means mainstream success shouldn't be too far away. (Daniel Kohn)

Thursday, August 21

Moonsville Collective Salt Creek Beach Conceived from about three separate bands into a multi-harmony, jangly, countrified folk group, Moonsville Collective are one of Orange County's favorite crews (in fact, this very paper named them Best Live Band in 2012 and Best Folk Act in 2013). Perhaps it's the escape from typical OC music--the fellas of Moonsville Collective may reside in SoCal but their hearts hail from jug-swigging mountain folk. Tonight they headline this week's installment of the OC Park's Summer Concert Series with support from Annie McQueen and Summer Watson. Download last year's album, Cradle to the Grave, before heading out the show--and then join in for a down home sing-a-long. (Erin DeWitt)

The Wierdos Alex's Bar Attention, all you humans! The Weirdos were one of the first and one of the greatest of the LA punk bands, responsible for at least two undeniable classics--"Neutron Bomb" and "Life of Crime," or was that "Solitary Confinement"? Or "Helium Bar"? Or "Message From The Underworld?" Or--well, get the point? Part first-album Ramones, part first-album Damned, part corrosively hostile '60s garage rock--thanks, guitarist Dix and your immortal fretwork--and mostly their own splattered-together version of loud-fast-and-weird, this was a band who defined their own particular kind of American punk, and a band whose spirit lives on in every bug-eyed group of teenage power-chorders.

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