Theophilus London--See Tuesday
Theophilus London--See Tuesday

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Monday, March 2

Tim Gray and the Delusions The Wayfarer One of the most captivating turns of phrase in Tim Gray's latest release, "Train Wreck," is found in its chorus: "God gave you the grace of a train wreck." And God graced us with Gray's voice. For the now-defunct, greatly missed local band Charles Mansion, the guitarist/vocalist delivered the melodic antithesis to Corey Kaiser's charmingly caustic voice. Now Gray's back with beautiful songs filled with insightful lyrics that explore the familiar themes of heartbreak, loss and despair, each carried by Gray's unmistakeable croon. His newly formed band Tim Gray & the Delusions (featuring Corey and Jason Kaiser, plus Ryan Bartholemy) are sure to bring him to the next level in the coming year. Watch them kick off their free March residency at the Wayfarer on Monday. (Taylor Hamby)

Tuesday, March 3

Theopilus London The Constellation Room Theophilus London is part musician, part marketer. Known for his co-branding savvy as much as for his genre-hopping, London's second album, Vibes, puts the intention right in the title: an unblended myriad of styles that's about the feels. Executive produced by Kanye West, who appears on the soulful, crooning "Can't Stop," Vibes was created in distraction-free Palm Springs, worlds away from London's regular stomping grounds in glitzy, high-action cities across the globe. It starts with a quiet, lounge-y mood on "Water Me," switches to the modern electro shuffler "Neu Law" and brings in Motown veteran Leon Ware for the '80s R&B throwback "Need Somebody." One of the few blended cuts on Vibes, "Tribe" churns hip-hop rhymes with reggae and even a bit of trap for a heady rump shaker. (Lily Moayeri)

Wednesday, March 4

ASAP Ferg The Observatory As of this moment, ASAP Ferg is one of the most noticeable and noteworthy of the ASAP mob. A dynamic, versatile wordsmith he's released albums that are fantastic representations of himself. He's become equal parts charisma and vibrant, youthful energy and can switch his style up lyrically to make every verse sound cinematic. (Patrick Montes) Thursday, March 5

Northern Youth The Wayfarer It's a unique treat to be on the cutting edge of new music, but Northern Youth's full length debut album is going to be newer than new and performed for the first time ever in Orange County at tonight's show. Being the solo project of multi-musician Luke Messimer, Northern Youth has been a passion project for the young lad for 14 years, while Messimer played backup in someone else's band and toiled through many a grueling tour schedule. But it's all been worth it to Messimer, who's made music his life and learned many lessons about the music industry. His new album is said to incorporate his longtime love for folk, indie rock, pop, punk, and who knows what else into a long-anticipated creative output, making this evening's show Messimer's time to revel in the spotlight. As part of his West Coat tour, Northern Youth appears tonight with special guests Yukon Gold, Sister Crowley and Decker. (Aimee Murillo)

The Rikk Agnew Band The Doll Hut Rikk Agnew is probably best known for his tenure in the Adolescents--where he contributed mightily to the pop-turned-punk guitar sound of Southern California punk, which of course still endures today--but there's a lot more in his discography, too. Like: Christian Death, D.I., Agnew's underrated solo LP with its standout "OC Life" track and then stints with Social Distortion, The Detours and the obscure Der Stab with future Gun Club-ber Ward Dotson. To put it simply, if you've got something loud, catchy and pissed-off in your music collection, odds are it's got Agnew's claw marks on it somehow. Rikk Agnew Band does a mix of his songs new, old and immortal. When they say punk's not dead, they're talking about this guy. (Chris Ziegler)

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