Sweet and Tender Hooligans--See Friday
Sweet and Tender Hooligans--See Friday
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Monday, May 18

Rocky's Revival Mozambique If you've frequented local venues like The Coach House and House of Blues these past few years, you might've come across Rocky's Revival, a music duo of sisters Kalina and Kiana Campian. Inspired by The Beatles and Johnny Cash among others, they describe their sound on SoundCloud as "folk/pop/rock/indie/retro/sometimes-blusey." At live performances, you'll usually find one of them with an acoustic guitar, keyboard, or banjo--and because their primary focuses are on vocals and the craft of songwriting, they oftentimes keep their sets simple as to highlight them. Fun fact: their recent gig was opening for '80s pop group The Bangles (yes, the ones who sang "Walk Like an Egyptian")--an indication of the big places they're going in the future. (Kristine Hoang)

Tuesday, May 19

Adult Books The Continental Room Adult Books are sorta one of the building blocks of the growing Lolipop Records empire and their punk-but-pop sound surely inspired a lot of littler Lolipops toward tape debuts of their own. Books have a sound that adds the Undertones' committed hookiness to the Wipers' relentless beat and ever-present anxiety, and if that sounds to you like it matches the high highs and low lows of this vomit comet we call life, you're right. If the Feelies had grown up closer to Orange County than Orange, New Jersey, their Crazy Rhythms might have been a lot more like this: quick but never nasty and catchy but never cheesy, or in other words, honesty at velocity, which is about as good as it gets, isn't it? Part of a very nice Lolipop residency this month--don't suck by missing it! (Chris Ziegler)

Wednesday, May 20

Golden Coast The Wayfarer Of all the people who come to Los Angeles for the fame and fortune-- artists, actors, musicians, what have you-- it seems that indie pop duo Golden Coast have cracked the code and become the latest band to have broken through and garner attention. Members Denny White and Steven Mudd met in college after coming from Colorado and the San Jacinto desert, respectively, and combined their musical chemistry to produce a tremendously dance-y slew of singles. Their upbeat, synth-laden track "Dream and An MPC," encourages other like-minded artists going through the perennial outsider-coming-to-LA-to-make-it struggle to hold on to their dreams-- as they can attest, stardom is certainly possible. This positive pair certainly will bring the energy levels up every Wednesday as they begin their month-long residency tonight at the Wayfarer. (Aimee Murillo) John Brown's Body The Coach House In the backdrop of Orange County's sunsets, surf and palm trees, reggae music is a staple, and East Coast act John Brown's Body are worthy of any beachside playlist. The octet has been bridging the sounds of Jamaica with modern reggae for nearly two decades, snagging fans worldwide with live dubs, layers of brass and a solid rhythm section. On Wednesday, they'll fill the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano with their trademark future-roots sound. (Heidi Darby)

Friday, May 22 Sweet and Tender Hooligans House of Blues Anaheim No matter how many Sweet and Tender Hooligans shows we've been to, the thrill of spying on the slack-jawed, unsuspecting, first-timers in the crowd never gets old. There's that moment where all of the evidence that tells them that they're actually watching a Morrissey/Smiths tribute band just nonchalantly melts away. All of the sudden, it's as if the band is indeed the real deal. Gradually, the fan's screams get louder. You start watching your back to make sure they don't suddenly faint on top of you. With each pristine rendition of hits "Ask," or "There is a Light That Never Goes Out," even the most skeptical Moz fan will bow down to the Hooligan's pompadour-wearing high priest, lead singer Jose Maldonado. Quite honestly, we still allow ourselves to get totally fooled by the band's bonafide stage act from time to time. See them on Friday at the House of Blues Anaheim. (Nate Jackson)

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