The Aggrolites--See Tuesday
The Aggrolites--See Tuesday

The Best Concerts in OC This Week

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Monday, February 2

Dead Meadow The Continental Room Mixing psychedelic, stoney '70s rock with hypnotic, ambient fuzz, Dead Meadow draws on the past to plan their future. On the heels of their latest album Warble Wombon The End Records/Xemu, the group is currently on a North American tour, making a stop at The Continental Room in Fullerton this week. They gave fans a quick taste of what's to come with a single titled "Mr. Chesty," showcasing the band's dreamy acoustic, and in some opinions, more appealing side. They play this night with support from Church of Sun and Winter. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, February 3

The Aggrolites The Observatory LA's ambassadors of dirty reggae are back in OC this week with their organ churning brand of Hellcat Records ska. Led by raspy vocalist Jesse Wagner, this veteran six piece have been rocking together since 2002. Throwing funk, tone-tone and and a dash of punk rock into the mix never fails to get local crowds to tattooed rude boys and girls on the dance floor. This week you can see them for $5 at the Observatory--even less than you'd spend on a value meal at Del Taco down the street. So why the hell not? (Nate Jackson)

Wednesday, February 4

Bass Drum of Death Alex's Bar His last album cover was a simple photo of his face, and his latest album cover is a simple photo of his back. But don't worry -- that doesn't mean John Barrett of Bass Drum of Death is looking to pull a 180 with his music. If anything, he has doubled down on the rock part of his garage-rock sound on Rip This, a new release that's equal parts Adolescents-style punk and gigantic, arena-ready riffs. There's Stooges-y plink-plonk piano on a few tracks, and references musical and otherwise to Radio Birdman ("Burn's My Eye") and The Ramones ("Everything's the Same"). But songs such as "Sin Is in 10" recall In Utero Nirvana ... and there's more than a little of the spirit of KISS at work here, too. Call it a party album, for the kind of parties that end when the cops knock on the door. (Chris Ziegler)

Thursday, February 5

KRS-One Gaslamp At this point in his career, KRS-One has little else to accomplish. Rising to prominence during hip hop's golden years with Boogie Down Productions, the 49-year-old is one of the genre's most outspoken political rappers, which has landed him in trouble before, notoriously his 9/11 comments. Last year, the rapper released the nine-song Never Forget EP and allegedly has a couple more projects in the works, including a long awaited collaboration with Gang Starr's DJ Premier. While hip hop has become more mainstream over the years, KRS-One hasn't yielded to industry standards and continues to be one of the game's true living legends. (Daniel Kohn)

Friday, February 6

The Dollyrots Slidebar The Dollyrots have taken musical elements many OC fans might remember about the 1990s (snotty punk vocals, ska rhythms) and made them more palatable to a new generation of ears. Piling record scratches on top of lead singer Kelly Ogden's sleek and highly-produced voice, the uber-melodic arrangements also feature anthemic choruses. Signed to Joan Jett's Blackheart label, rock n roll never sounded so clean. See them for free this Friday at Slidebar (Brandon Ferguson)

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